Retin A Round-Up

Question and answer logoSometimes I think that I should  re-name  my blog the   No-Nonsense Guide to Retin A.  There are so  many questions about how to use it and  we are given so little information with the prescription.  Here are three questions that needed to be answered right now:

*Question 1— Will one appliction of Retin A do anything?

Answer–  If your skin is especially sensitive,  one appication may produce redness and some irritation.  But practically speaking, using it just once  won’t  help acne  or wrinkles.

Question 2— Can I  use Retin A on my body?

Answer– You can certainly use Retin on your chest to deal with   signs of sundamage, but   its not practical to use  it on larger areas of the body.  Its  expensive and probably not good for  the body to absorb so much  of any form of vitamin A.   If you have dark spots, have them examined  by a dermatologist  before zapping them with a laser.  At night you can use a body lotion with glycolic acid to  soften dry skin and stimulate collagen.During the day you can and should use a sunscreen on your entire body, especially if  you iving in a warm sunny climate. (  You are so lucky).  Use a moisturizing  30 SPF sun block that protects against both UVA and UVB.   Put on the sunblock at least 30 minutes before you go  outdoors.  FYI, put it on while your body is still slightly damp after  a shower.  When you apply put it on before  putting on clothes, its easier to get  a nice even coverage.

Question 3 —  Can I use an LED light and Retin A?

Answer– Short answer is yes.  Red  LED lights   help  acne by killing bacteria in the pores  while blue  LED lights reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen. Retin A definately increases sensitivity to sunlight and  light from  lasers.  If you are using Retin A  you need to wear a strong sun block each and every day.  You also will need to take a 48 hour  Retin A holiday  before and after a laser treatment.  But  LED  lights  are not a problem and can be added  to  an acne and/or anti-aging treatment plan.   


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