Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Deb Boland of Fabulous After 40 is hosting  Fashion Flash.  With the holidays  just days away,  the Fashion Flash bloggers are bursting with seasonal spirit.  For example:

* Aging Backwards  shares holiday  beauty  tips

* Prime Beauty has a holiday special for a unique skin peel

* Menopause Makeover offers 10  tips to reduce holiday stress

* Moving Free with Mirabai shares an exercise  routine that reduces  holiday overload

* The Best of Everything Over Fifty  shares a video that shows how to love your hair  whether is short or long straight or curly– perfect   timing for holiday parties.

* And  these days  dresses  with sleeves are  as rare as  white rhinos.  But  40 + Style  has rounded up a  selection of these rarities  that are both beautiful and affordable– just in time for New Year Eve.

Raising Eyebrows Book coverFashion Flash Book Review– Raising Eyebrows

I love drilling down  into a subject and Raising Eyebrows by Cameron Tuttle ( Chronicle Books)  is just my kind  of book.

According  to Ms Tuttle, there are groomed brows, droopy brows, strong  brows, wispy brows, and what she calls “wow” brows.  But author Tuttle believes that all brows can be beutiful  and deserves to be loved.  She feels that a great brow can make you  look younger, thinner, happier and richer and  she backs that  promise with over 100 pages of illustrations, fun facts, beauty tips,  brow history.  For example did  you know  that camels have three eyebrows  and there are now eye brow extensions for the over-plucked.

Raising Eyebrows  goes up close and personal to explain which eye shape  works best for different eye shapes and how to match hair and brow color.  The book closes with a terriffic guide to the different   brow tools and make-up and how and why to use each one.   For example, I  had always thought that brow  wax was a gimmick. This  entertaining  book  explained how  brow wax can both color and shape even the most unruly brows.   Raising Eyebrows is my kind of book  and has definately  earned a spot  on my beauty  book shelf.

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