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Fashion Flash logoIts Fashion Flash Monday, New Year’s Eve Edition,  hosted by Barbara of The Best of Everything After 50.  The Fashion Flash bloggers have cranked it up  to end 2013 with the best of the best  fashion and beauty tips:

* Jackie of Aging Backwards  takes an honest look  at New Year’s Resolutions

* Fab Over 40 ends the year with a not  to be  missed plan for reviving dull, dry skin

*Prime Beauty shows how to get  that  special beauty glow by using the right products

*Black Cat Plus proves that beauty is never based on size

* Fabulous After 40  shares the best looks of 2013

* Moving Free with Mirabai reveals the top five fitness myths

* Staness of Menopause  Makeover  shares her recipe for Pomegranate Champagne punch– a drink tht is both healthy and delicious.

* And don’t even THINK of starting the New Year without  The Best of Everything Over 50 personal beauty  products picks.

Vitamin StudiesFashion Flash  Health and Beauty Story of the Year

One of  the New Year’s Resolutions that  I make each year  is to actually take a multi-vitamin pill each and every morning.  This year a trio of studies about multi-vitamins  shook my faith  in that  simple resolution.  Looking at  more than 400,000 men and women, researchers from Harvard and Columbia  University  found that  multi-vitamins, even super  high dose ones,   did not reduce risk of heart disease, cancer and memory issues. Now  many doctors are even recommending against a daily basic bsupplement.

But I think that   we still need  a nutritional safety net.  For example,  both  gluten free  and vegan diets can be  terribly  low in  all the B vitamins  including niacin, thiamin and riboflavin.   Low carb diets  have plenty of B vitamins  but the lack of fruits and veggies  make it  dangerously  low in vitamin C.  Before we now blindly follow these new recommendations, I think  the decision to take supplements  should be based on individual  food plans, not large scale studies.

I would  love to hear what vitamins you take and if these new studies have changed the way  you choose supplements.


3 thoughts on “Its Fashion Flash Monday

  1. I take vitamin B for my hair, vitamin D (5.000 mg/day) to battle winter fatigue, and 50 mg of zinc for the immune system. I’ve been doing this for almost a year now. I also used to take vitamin A, but I stopped that after a while. I just didn’t feel like it was doing much for me. Happy New Year!

  2. My wife takes a cranberry supplement to protect her from UTIs and has had great results. I take calcium because I’m lactose intolerant and as a result don’t have much calcium in my diet. I also take glucosamine+chondroitin for my joints (this one makes a huge difference). I think multivitamins and supplements are very important. They don’t protect you from serious health problems like heart disease, but it is essential for your health to get all the vitamins you need. And when you are healthy, your risk for things like heart disease decreases 🙂

    • You said it beautifully. Vitamins ARE essential for health and if you are healthy your risk for heart disease definately decreases. Cranberry supplements are awesome and calcium and glucosamine are definately needed.

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