No-Nonsense Fashion- Garnets by Deb Chase

Victorian GarnetRich and intense garnets have a dark brilliance found  in few gems.  The birthstone  of January, garnets share the complexion-enhancing characteristics  of the   other red-hued gems– rubies and coral.

Garnets look beautiful combined with gold, diamond, pearls and opals.  A beautiful red garnet  makes a run of the  mill rhinestone look like the real thing. Garnets can be worn  day and  night and really  pop when paired  with navy, rich browns and grey.  Mixed with  light toned jewels ( eg pearls  or opals)  they are fabulous with   the little black dress. You will find   antique garnet jewelry   set in both  gold and silver and they   look wonderful in any metal. If you  fall in love with an older piece at a flea market , have  it checked  out  by a … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday! by Deb Chase

Fashion Flash logoKari of  Fab Over Forty is hosting  Fashion Flash this week! Our shivering  but savvy bloggers are  posting  about all things fashion, beauty, and fitness including:

* Menopause Makeover has a  coffee  protein shake that  provides great nutrition as well as  caffeine to help memory and energy

* Jodell from Black Cat Plus introduces the new  clothing line from  Glee star Amber Riley.  That voice, that voice!

* Barbara  from the Best of Everything  After Fifty shares her top  make-up picks from 2013

* Jackie  of Aging Backwards shows new ways to deal with old allergies

* Cindy from Prime Beauty  shows you how to incororate the Pantone color of the year ( radiant orchid) into fashion  and make-up.

* Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai   explains why  target heart rate  should … Continue Reading…

Important Retin A Update by Deb Chase

Question and answer about beautyThe questions about Retin A keep coming and now there are new answers.

Question:  I found out that I can buy Retin A pills online without a prescription and they even throw in  free Viagra.  Do you think this is a good idea?

Answer:   I’m  getting a bad feeling.  When you take Retin A, you need  to have regular blood tess to  mke certain that the medication is not affecting liver function.  For that  you will need to be followed by a physician and I doubt any responsible doctor  would feel comfortable working with self-prescribed Retin A.

I personally have not had success buying  Retin A creams online, even with a prescription.  The online generic Retin A    did not seem effective. And then there is the bonus of Viagra????  Retin  A pills are  known to … Continue Reading…

No-Nonsense Fashion -Gloves by Deb Chase

GlovesNothing says warm like a pair of gloves.  The aristocrats of accessories, gloves were once worn only by kings, princes and churchmen as a visible symbol of their wealth and authority.  Their elite image  endured for centuries and carried over to the tradition that expected  a woman to wear gloves for all occasions.

The sea change of social values that followed the 1960’s included the end of the glove culture.  Now worn primarily to keep worn,  a great looking pair of gloves can still pack a fashion wallop.  The right glove anchors the sleeve of a coat or jacket providing  an opportunity to express confidence and personality.

The Long and Short of Gloves

There are  basically five styles:

* Shorty — wrist length styles with an opening on the side or center.   Some … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday! by Deb Chase

Fashion Flash logoThis week Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash. Check out  our experts on fashion, beauty, health and fitness. And don’t forget to click  through Moving Free With Mirabai  for great  exercise tips to prevent winter time weight gain!



Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:  Inventing Beauty by Tersea Riordan

I have to admit that I am a beauty history wonk.  I am fascinated by the  search for beauty–  who invented it,  how it works and  how it had evolved to current practices. When I  found  a copy  of Inventing Beauty, I could not wait to get home to curl up with a cup of tea and dive in.  University libraries have academic  texts and original publications, but … Continue Reading…

Aging Gracefully in Public Eye- Diane Keaton

Aging Gracefully is hardAging gracefully  is  never easy.  Aging gracefully in the public eye, in HD, can be harrowing.  Like most women of my tribe, Diane Keaton  will always be  the Annie Hall style icon.  Her big shirt, topped with a man’s vest , over a  full skirt and boots is a look that still works today.  Seeing her wrinkled, grey and sporting dark framed glasses was  disconcerting– but then that commercial came on.  Most of the buzz has been paid to the difference in the appearance in the commercial and and  Keaton IRL.

Diane Keaton L'Oreal adYes, the blurry, rosy image in the commercial showed a Diane Keaton that was smoother and decades younger than the live, on-stage woman.  Its not as if  this is the first time we heard of … Continue Reading…

Introducing Fashion Flash On-Air!

Fashion FLash On-AirFashion Flash is a consortium of top ranked lifestyle blogs for women over 40.   Our weekly posts are packed with cutting edge info on fashion, skin care, health, make-up, and fitness.  Now we are turning our most  popular posts into entertaining and dynamic videos on our own Youtube channel called Fashion Flash On-Air.

In addition to original videos from  the Fashion Flash bloggers, we will be uploading exceptional video content from experts  we  feature on our sites.  We have a  crew of celebrity  make-up artists, fashion stylists, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and internists who will be sharing their best tips and techniques.

In the coming months  Fashion Flash On-Air  will include:

* The  best way to plank from Best of Everything After 50

* The top aging style mistakes from … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoCindy of Prime Beauty is hosting a fabulous Fashion Flash Monday!  This week, the Fashion Flash bloggers  are ignoring the cold weather  to share  great fashion, beauty, and fitness tips:

* Menopause jumps into the debate on   eating  before or after exercise

* Moving Free with Mirabai  helps you visualize to a fitter you.

* Fab Over Forty  shows you how to  rock cold weather style

* Best of Everything After 50 demonstrates great cosmetics  you can make in a kitchen

*  Fabulous After 40 shows how to  make the boho trend to look fresh, even  if you more it in the 70’s

* Black Cat Plus   finds the perfect top for full figured women

* Aging Backwards offers original tips to help you keep those New year Resolutions to … Continue Reading…