Introducing Fashion Flash On-Air!

Fashion FLash On-AirFashion Flash is a consortium of top ranked lifestyle blogs for women over 40.   Our weekly posts are packed with cutting edge info on fashion, skin care, health, make-up, and fitness.  Now we are turning our most  popular posts into entertaining and dynamic videos on our own Youtube channel called Fashion Flash On-Air.

In addition to original videos from  the Fashion Flash bloggers, we will be uploading exceptional video content from experts  we  feature on our sites.  We have a  crew of celebrity  make-up artists, fashion stylists, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and internists who will be sharing their best tips and techniques.

In the coming months  Fashion Flash On-Air  will include:

* The  best way to plank from Best of Everything After 50

* The top aging style mistakes from Aging Backwards

*  When to splurge, when to save fashion tips from Fabulous After Forty

*  Answers to the top questions on Retin A  from No-Nonsense Beauty Blog

Our experts will  provide videos on  how to tie  the same scarf  three ways, step by step guide to homemade skin care products and smoky eye makeup  that make you look sexy, not sleepy.

Fashion Flash On-Air Video #1- How to Look Great on Skype

True story.  In the past year I was invited to audition for a syndicated   show that was described as  The  View  just for beauty.  There was to  be a mix of ages and backgrounds  for the hosts and I was asked to try  out for the “older gal as  the way too young producer so charmingly put it.  Because they were in LA and I live in NYC, the audition was to be on Skype.  I slapped on the same type  of TV make-up I had used on book tours, flipped open my lap top and dialed up.   The moment  I saw myself  on the screen I knew I was  not ready for my close-up.   With only half my face visible (and most of that  was my reading glasses) I looked like a preppy troll.  I never heard from them again.

Since we all use  webcams so much these days, I decided I needed to  find out  how to make-up my face and  set up the webcam to be flattering rather than frightening.  With  my two part video on Fashion Flash On- Air, I will  show  you  how to shine on Skype.


3 thoughts on “Introducing Fashion Flash On-Air!

  1. I love the idea of videos.

    However, after doing a YouTube search, do I understand correctly that your two-part video, How to Look Great on Skype, is not yet posted?

    Will you post to let us know when it is available? I’m very interested!

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