No-Nonsense Fashion -Gloves by Deb Chase

GlovesNothing says warm like a pair of gloves.  The aristocrats of accessories, gloves were once worn only by kings, princes and churchmen as a visible symbol of their wealth and authority.  Their elite image  endured for centuries and carried over to the tradition that expected  a woman to wear gloves for all occasions.

The sea change of social values that followed the 1960’s included the end of the glove culture.  Now worn primarily to keep worn,  a great looking pair of gloves can still pack a fashion wallop.  The right glove anchors the sleeve of a coat or jacket providing  an opportunity to express confidence and personality.

The Long and Short of Gloves

There are  basically five styles:

* Shorty — wrist length styles with an opening on the side or center.   Some shorties have small buttons or snap closures.

* Slip-On — extend 2-3 inches past the wrist so that there is no gap between the glove and the rest of your  sleeve.

*Gauntlet — designed with an insert that flares above the wrist.  These dramtic gloves can  be decorated with fringe along the lower edge.

*Mouquetaire- long formal gloves that may close with a long  row of little buttons.  Depending on the length, they can contain between 8-24 buttons.

*Fingerless — can keep  the hand  fairly warm  yet allow fingers  to function. Some styles have removed  just the tops of the fingers while other  long fingerless gloves are  a long wooly tube that slip over hand and  reach almost to the elbow.

The newest  styles of glove features a rubbery tip on forefinger and thumb that  allows you to use a smart  phone without taking off your gloves– a happy marriage of fashion and technology. The Rolls Royce of gloves  are made by Portolano and are gorgeous  comnintions of colors and  styles.  Usually they  are over $100 a pair, you can find  a fantastic  affordable selection of Portolano gloves on ebay.

Its very easy  to  stuff a pair of old gloves into your  pocket as  you leave the house.  I like to use  gloves to add a little flair, especially on a grey/wet day.  I wear a pair of  thin black leather gloves with my red raincoat and slip on a pair of pigskin driving gloves with my camel hair coat.  I just found a black and white tweed coat at  a vintage clothing expo and  I love it with a pair of  hot pink leather gloves and a long black velvet muffler.  Do you have a favorite  glove and coat combo?




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    • I love that idea! Last week at a vintage fashion expo I sw a box of fabulous hankerchiefs. Now I wish I had taken some home– less that $3 each.

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