Important Retin A Update by Deb Chase

Question and answer about beautyThe questions about Retin A keep coming and now there are new answers.

Question:  I found out that I can buy Retin A pills online without a prescription and they even throw in  free Viagra.  Do you think this is a good idea?

Answer:   I’m  getting a bad feeling.  When you take Retin A, you need  to have regular blood tess to  mke certain that the medication is not affecting liver function.  For that  you will need to be followed by a physician and I doubt any responsible doctor  would feel comfortable working with self-prescribed Retin A.

I personally have not had success buying  Retin A creams online, even with a prescription.  The online generic Retin A    did not seem effective. And then there is the bonus of Viagra????  Retin  A pills are  known to cause  birth defects and in fact, patients  have to sign a pledge to their doctor that they will  use birth control while on the medication.  To pair it with free Viagra, well there are  just no words……

Question:  I want to use Accutane for my acne problems, but my doctor  now ells me it is no longer  available. Is this true?

Answer: Your doctor is half right.  The brand name Accutane is not longer  produced by Johnson and Johnson, but now there are  less expensive and equally effective generic versions of the  medication.  Sotret, Claravis and Amnesteem are  generic forms  of  Accutane ( Isotretinoin).  There are available in four  different dosages ( 10, 20, 30  and 40 mg). They are to be used 15-20 weeks and  many patients  report that their  severe acne is actually cured and never returns. They are all sold under a special program approved by the FDA called IPLEDGE to prevent birth defects in babies  born to women taking Retin A. As part of this program, it can be leagally prescribed and sold only  by doctors  and pharmacists who have signed this pledge.

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  1. Deb, what is , in your opinion, the best brand of Retin A / Tretinoin you can buy, from a pharmacy? I have two tubes of janssen-cilag. What are your opinions please?

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