Its Fashion Flash Monday! by Deb Chase

Fashion Flash logoKari of  Fab Over Forty is hosting  Fashion Flash this week! Our shivering  but savvy bloggers are  posting  about all things fashion, beauty, and fitness including:

* Menopause Makeover has a  coffee  protein shake that  provides great nutrition as well as  caffeine to help memory and energy

* Jodell from Black Cat Plus introduces the new  clothing line from  Glee star Amber Riley.  That voice, that voice!

* Barbara  from the Best of Everything  After Fifty shares her top  make-up picks from 2013

* Jackie  of Aging Backwards shows new ways to deal with old allergies

* Cindy from Prime Beauty  shows you how to incororate the Pantone color of the year ( radiant orchid) into fashion  and make-up.

* Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai   explains why  target heart rate  should be part of y our exercise plan

* and  at No-Nonsense Beauty Blog I will share  some of the real  prep secrets the stars use to get ready for the Red Carpet.  Hint– it has nothing to do with drinking more water.

No-Nonsense Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review Book Review:  Lets Eat Out Around the World

Lets Eat Out Around the World bursts with dedication and passion for the subject.  The author, Kim Koeller struggled for years with health problems due to undiagnosed food allergies.   The book drills down to specifics to help people with allergies  eat  safely in an international roster of restaurants ncluding  french, italian, mexican, indian, even thai.  Author Koeller offers an extensive sample menu for each type of restaurant  and then reviews each dish for potential problems including gluten, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, and corn.  She even alerts readers to potentia problems in both alcoholic and no-alcoholic beverages.   And if things get   too complicated   while traveling or in a restaurant, the book offers never fail options tht are available in  most restaurants.

All too often  diet and health books offer bland, standard and passionless advice.  I love it when  the author truely cares about a topic  and in Lets Eat Out Around the World, this comes through on every page.  if you or  anyone in your family  has food allergies, this book deserves a spot on your bookcase.

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