No-Nonsense Fashion- Garnets by Deb Chase

Victorian GarnetRich and intense garnets have a dark brilliance found  in few gems.  The birthstone  of January, garnets share the complexion-enhancing characteristics  of the   other red-hued gems– rubies and coral.

Garnets look beautiful combined with gold, diamond, pearls and opals.  A beautiful red garnet  makes a run of the  mill rhinestone look like the real thing. Garnets can be worn  day and  night and really  pop when paired  with navy, rich browns and grey.  Mixed with  light toned jewels ( eg pearls  or opals)  they are fabulous with   the little black dress. You will find   antique garnet jewelry   set in both  gold and silver and they   look wonderful in any metal. If you  fall in love with an older piece at a flea market , have  it checked  out  by a jeweler.  Over time stones become loose and  it  can be difficult ( and pricy) to replace missing bits and pieces.

The Mystery of Bohemian Garnets

You will often see a peice of antique   garnet jewelry described as “Bohemian” garnets. This region of  the Czech republic has been the center of garnet production since the 16th century.  Bohemian style, a favorite with Victorians uses numerous gems of different sizes to create elaborate yet delicate designs.  According to legend jewelry production was located on an island near Bohemia and only authorized workers were alowed to set foot on it.  Intruders were eliminated without mercy.

I can remmeber  when garnets  were an affordable semi precious stone.  Now with gold prices  so high, it can be  harder to find   garnets in  a decent   price range.  At flea markets  look for a vintage  Bohemian garnet pin to add feminine sparkle to a  simple navy pants suit.   A pair of small garnet studs look wonderful with a cranberry sweater and grey pants.  If you’re  looking for one piece that can do it all, a garnet bracelet   will work equally well with a tan tweed jacket  and  a black  velvet  tank dress.  Its that good.

2 thoughts on “No-Nonsense Fashion- Garnets by Deb Chase

  1. I adore your garnet pin, Deb. And I love garnets. Though they are not my birthstone, I have always been drawn to them because of their deep color. I bought beautiful garnet drop earrings set in 18K gold in Florence many years ago. I need to take them out and wear them. Thanks for the inspiration!

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