No-Nonsense Fashion- Umbrellas by Deb Chase

yellow umbrellaUmbrellas are  the other  winter accessory.   For centuries, umbrellas were only used by women.  Considered a sign of weakness, men had to settle for wearing a hat and getting soaked in the rain and snow.  Then a brave  and persistent Englishman  became determined to make the umbrella respectable for men.  James Henway spent the last 30 years of his life polularizing the umbrella.  At first he was ridiculed as he carried his unbrella through rainy London streets.  By the time he died in 1830, umbrellas  had become a standard accessory on damp English days for both men and women.

Umbrellas 101

Once availble only in plain black fabric, umbrellas have blossomed into different sizes, colors and patterns.  Rather than plain and dark, umbrellas are now a full -fledged … Continue Reading…

Retin A- New Year, New Answers by Deborah Chase

Question and answer logoRetin A  questions now have new answers.  At the  recent winter dermatology symposium at Mount Sinai, I was so delighted to hear genuine breakthroughs in  Retin A treatments.  Most of the studies focused on  the best way to use Retin A for acne, but the answers can be  also used for anti-aging treatment plans that feature Retin A.

Question 1-  Retin  A and  High Fat Diets

To control my acne, I have been following a low fat  diet for years.  Now that I am taking isotretinoin ( oral Retin A) do I still have  to   live on lean, dry meals?

Answer-  Wow, do I have good news  for you.   At the  symposium, Dr Joshua  Zeichner revealed important links between diet and successful Retin A treatment.  Traditional vitamin A is fat soluble and cannot be absorbed by the body if enough … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week  Jodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash. One of my pet peeves  are Fashion articles and posts that don’t  provide  shopping info on  the featured clothing.  Jodell goes one  step further and you can actually order  many items directly from her.  No more   surfing the web  to find that one  piece that you know  will  your wardrobe  totally work– Jodell hs done that work for you.

This week the Fashion Flash bloggers have outdone themselves:

* Menopause Makeover shares a diet plan that allows  you to eat 5-6 imes a day  and still lose weight.

* Prime Beauty   features a new foundation with a satin finsh that seems to erase  fine lines

* Fab Over Forty reviews  French Women Don’t  Get Facelifts and  discivers what they do instead

* Positive Aging … Continue Reading…

No-Nonsense Fashion- Mittens by Deborah Chase

colorful mittensMittens  suddenly seem like a great idea  when the temperature fell to negative numbers this week.  I  know its  winter and January, but seriously -8?  Fashion definately  needs  to take a back seat to function, but why can’t  warm clothing  rock with a little style.  And I’m starting with my  hands.

A Short History of Mittens

Dark and itchy  for centuries, mittens were the poor  mans gloves and worn  just for warmth.  They became a fashion sstatement in the 1920’s at St Moritz and Innsbruck, the winter paygrounds of the rich and royal.   The introduction of international  skiing and skating competitions inspired the development of decorative hand knit mittens for  both competitors and spectators.   The local artisans in Switzerland and Austria used traditional Scandinavian designs to replace the standard dull grey and … Continue Reading…

Why Does Beauty Matter? by Deborah Chase

Why Does Beauty MatterThere is a double standard about a woman’s appearance.  The media is obsessed with every detail of style icons like Kate Middleton, Beyonce and random Kardashians.  But when the averge woman, especially if she is past 50, shows an interest in  beauty  care and fashion we are labeled vain, narcissistic  and even anti-feminist.  Not fair.

Why Does Beauty Matter So Much?

Preoccupation with beauty is not an expression of a shallow and materialistic society.  Hundreds of studies published in dozens of academic journals have shown  that for centuries humans are hard wired to admire beauty.  Throughout the ages, poets have immortalized beauty, writers have made them the heroine  and artists have painted and sculpted their image.  Even  babies just a few months old smile naturally at a beautiful face and cry  … Continue Reading…