Retin A in the Evening by Deb Chase

Question and Answer logoMaybe I should change the name of  this blog  to Retin A News and Views.  Not really.  Most  of the great questions I get   deal  with different forms  of Retin A (aka tretinoin). This week I received  such a well thought out question I answered her immediately and now I am posting both her question and the answer.

Question:  Do I have to wait until bedtime until I start my Retin A ritual? And if so, why? The last thing I want to do is get up from having fallen asleep on the sofa, and throw water on my face and then wait  30 minues again ( again…why?)

Is the wait to let your skin fully dry?  If so, couldn’t I just dry it with my hair dryer on low? Is it to allow it to calm down?

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Deb of Fabulous After 40 is hosting Fashion Flash.  This week, our elite bloggers have choosen to ignore the  arrival of another Arctic Vortex and focus instead on great  health, fashion and beauty tips:

* Fab Over Forty  reviews her favorite  hydrating eye creams

* Prime Beauty  explores  the new line of  cosmetics from internet  make-up sensation Michelle Phan

* Menopause Makeover  looks at the truth about wheat belly

* Black Cat Plus  offers  a list of year round  fashion classics that we should have in our closets

* Moving Free with Mirabai   demonstrates exercises to relieve back  pain

* Positive Aging Expert Barbara Hannah Gufferman demonstrates how to exercise without hurting your knees

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Free Guide to Retin A by Deb Chase

Retin A sign upMy free guide to Retin A  is  finally on No-Nonsense Beauty Blog!  When you subscribe to No-Nonsense, you can download  the guide immediately.  Just click  on the little envelope on the right  hand side of the home page  and in moments you will have a three page guide that contains  the info you need to become a Retin A  master.   It explains how Retin A works, profiles the different types of Retin A treatment  products, offers   both day and night treatment plans and ends  with the answers to the top five Retin A questions.

Retin A is  Just The First Step

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Beans– The Ultimate Beauty Food by Deb Chase

beansIt woud be hard to invent a healthier food than  the humble bean.  Oounce for ounce beans are 22% protein, more than any other plant food.  Cholesterol free, salt free, gluten free and high in fiber, beans  also deliver an impressive payload of B vitamins, zinc and potassium.  But wait there’s more.  Beans have  almost as much calcium as skin milk.This profile– high in protein and fiber and low in  fat –is exactly  what researchers found when they looked at the links between diet and  skin aging.  And while   prime beef is now $10-20/pound, one pound of dried  beans is less than $2– which works out to less than 30 cents per serving. Seriously.   .

Beans From Around the World

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week  Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash.  Jackie is one of those people who is somehow alays ahead of the curve.  She picks up on new ideas   long before they become trends.  More than six months ago  Jackie  became  fascinated by  3D printing.   I thought it was clever, but so what.  Wrong!  Now she is one of the leaders in social media 3 -D updates.  Jackie is also a wonderful treacher and her posts are always packed with new and useful info.  If you’ve got a question about supplements, check out Aging Backwards before you go to the store.

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The Perfect Little Beauty Gift for Valentines Day

Valentines Day Gift BoxWhen my two daughters were small,  we started to  celebrate every holiday. July 4th, Easter AND Passover , Washington’s Birthday, even Labor Day had  some ceremony  and   food attched to it.  But for  my two girlie girls, nothing  beat Valentines Day.  Each year Feb 14 triggered a flood of  homemade valentines,  little pink socks,  puffy  red hair  bows and of course cookies and cupckakes covered with hearts. While my daughters grew up and  now have little girls of their own,  I still  give  out little  Valentine themed gifts  to special people in my  life. Although  I guess the original idea was  a  day to celebrate romantic love, today  its a great  time to show  friends and family  how  much I value them.

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Smokers Wrinkles 101 by Deborah Chase

smoker's wrinklesQuestion: I’m 45 and quit smoking five years ago.  But I still  have those smokers wrinkles.  How do I get rid of these vertical lines on my upper lip?

Answer: According to  Dr Gary Goldenberg of the Mount Sinai Hospital  Department of Dermatology, smokers lines are dynamic wrinkles– produced by continued  use of specific muscles.  The continual pursing of the lips during smoking over work the muscles around the mouth. Sun exposure which damages collagen also plays a big role in the development of vertical lines.  Even more troubling the smoke from the cigarettes actually increases the production of an enzyme in the body which breaks down collagen.  And there’s more bad news.  As time goes by we lose fat pads under the skin and as volume declines, there is just too much skin for the face.  The surface ripples … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoI’m so happy to be hosting Fashion Flash this week! Although its snowing ( again) , our lifestyle bloggers are staying warm and healthy:

* Are you over 50 and suddenly single?  Positive Aging Expert Barbara Hannah Grufferman of The Best of Everything After 50 thinks  many women may not be quite ready to get back into the dating game after a long term relationship ends. So she got some tips  from Date Like a Grown-up to help you get back out there without the angst.

*  Jackie of Aging Backwards  wants you to know that honey is not just for tea and shares the unique benefits of raw honey.

* Staness of Menopause Makeover is concerned that one in three women over the age … Continue Reading…