The Perfect Little Beauty Gift for Valentines Day

Valentines Day Gift BoxWhen my two daughters were small,  we started to  celebrate every holiday. July 4th, Easter AND Passover , Washington’s Birthday, even Labor Day had  some ceremony  and   food attched to it.  But for  my two girlie girls, nothing  beat Valentines Day.  Each year Feb 14 triggered a flood of  homemade valentines,  little pink socks,  puffy  red hair  bows and of course cookies and cupckakes covered with hearts. While my daughters grew up and  now have little girls of their own,  I still  give  out little  Valentine themed gifts  to special people in my  life. Although  I guess the original idea was  a  day to celebrate romantic love, today  its a great  time to show  friends and family  how  much I value them.

Last year when research  showed the health benefits of chocolate, I gave out a little red  heart shaped   box of candy. I recently  was sent a sample of the cutest  little pot of lip  gloss  which has  become my  current Valentines Day  “I love you” Rosy Lips for Valentines Daygift to my  posse.  Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips is  a pink tinted  gel that actually tastes as  good as it looks.  Although  my lips get uber dry in winter I usualy don’t like the taste, fragrance or  texture of  most lip soothers.  Rosy Lips  feels  so light, tastes so good and  looks  so pretty, I keep it my coat pocket  so that its  ready when  I need it.    It comes on a  card, but I took  it out  of the package and dropped  the  cute  little jar into a small, red   ribbon tie bag. Nice. At $2.50 a jar, its a great addition to my  beauty tool kit and a  charming, affordable  answer to everyday chapped lips.

Turns out that  Rosy Lips has been sold for awhile in the UK in a small metal tin.  Its very popular in the US and  I had to go to  three pharmacies to round up enough to hand out on Feb 14. If you miss Valentines  Day, there is still penty of winter left to use   this little  pot of  lip gloss.

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