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Fashion Flash logoThis week  Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash.  Jackie is one of those people who is somehow alays ahead of the curve.  She picks up on new ideas   long before they become trends.  More than six months ago  Jackie  became  fascinated by  3D printing.   I thought it was clever, but so what.  Wrong!  Now she is one of the leaders in social media 3 -D updates.  Jackie is also a wonderful treacher and her posts are always packed with new and useful info.  If you’ve got a question about supplements, check out Aging Backwards before you go to the store.

Fashion Flash  Book Review:  Return to Beautiful Skin by Myra Michelle EbyNo-Nonsense Book Review

While I am a big  fan of e-books,  I would  never have found  Return to Beautiful Skin  if I had not picked it up in Strands bookstore.  There is something  about book browsing that leads you to  books and ideas you didn’t even know  you needed.   Return to Beautiful Skin   is  a well written  guide to nontoxic skin care.  It offers the clearest explanations of the problems of commonly used cosmetic ingredients  including  preservatives, food coloring, parabens, phthalates and propylene glycol.  and petroleum . Ms Eby  explains that  many  these ingredients  are pseudo estrogens  that  may lead to increased risk of  breast and uterine cancers.

Ms Eby is the founder of MyChelle, a pure skin-care company.  What is especially nice about this book  is that  not once  does she  use the platform of her book to   promote her brand.  All too often  books  by skin care experts,  celebrities and even doctors  are just a 300 page commercial for their products.  It   was so refreshing   to read a beauty book that focused on facts and advice rather than product placement. I was so impressed by the science in the book, that I   went to the nearest health food store and bought a selection of MyChelle  produtc to try.

Myra Eby  is equally passionate about preventing animal cruelty  and donates a portion of   her company’s profits to a local animal shelter. She  is aso a sponsor of the HopeFoal Project. based in Colorado.  Its not a pretty story.  Premarin is the  estrogen hormone commonly prescribed for menopause  symptoms. It is made from the urine  of pregnant mares and  the process is  brutal.  After the horse is impregnated   she is confined to a small pen,  A tube is inserted in her bladder and for the last six months of her pregnency,  her urine is collected.  After the  foal is born, they are taken away  and the horse is  impregnanted  again. The new born horses  are discarded and  each  year  an estimated 45,000 foals are slaughtered.  There are no words….

For its  clear and  useful guidence  to  toxic skin care ingredients and the equally effective safe alternatives( and the wake-up call to  the needless  destruction of  new born horses),  Return to Beautiful Skin  deserves a permanent  spot on my   beauty  bookshelf.


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