Free Guide to Retin A by Deb Chase

Retin A  sign upMy free guide to Retin A  is  finally on No-Nonsense Beauty Blog!  When you subscribe to No-Nonsense, you can download  the guide immediately.  Just click  on the little envelope on the right  hand side of the home page  and in moments you will have a three page guide that contains  the info you need to become a Retin A  master.   It explains how Retin A works, profiles the different types of Retin A treatment  products, offers   both day and night treatment plans and ends  with the answers to the top five Retin A questions.

Retin A is  Just The First Step

And when you subscribe to No-Nonsene Beauty Blog you will get the latest posts on a wide range of beauty, health and fashion issues.  For example,  in the next few months I will cover the best ways  to lighten dark spots and splotches,  a guide to how and when  to  use lasers for both acne and anti-aging, and not one  but two new breakthroughs in rosacea.I have been testing a wide range of products and now have new  recommendations for great cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreens  for dry, oily, sensitive   and combination skin.  There are new treatment plans,   the best ways  women of color  can avoid unwanted pigmentation and a guide to dealing with the skin  during  menopause.

Everyday I get  real time  beauty questions and I  have  found experts   for the answers.  For example,  I finally got answers on  how long  you can safely use Retin A, hydroquinone or antibiotics and  why acne is so much  more common in adults.  There are new studies on the use of light therapy in both acne and aging, new products that offer innovative  sun protection and  new concerns about the impact of pseudo estrogens in  our food and environment.

Save Your  Money, Save Your Skin

I’ve also been busy in the kitchen, developing home  made cleansers moisturizers, masks, and toners that do the job for  just pennies a treatment. I’ll show you how to  use power ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vodka, willow bark, ceramides and vitamin C to produce inexpensive yet  genuinely effective skin care products.  And  just in time for spring  I’ll be sharing a recipe  for a sea kelp moisturizer that rivals La Mer yet costs less than $10.  Seriously.

Please  keep sending me your great beauty questions.  If I don’t know the answer, I will find experts that do.  When it comes to beauty, the truth is out there.



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