A Pill for Sun Protection by Deborah Chase

Question and Answer logoQuestion:  I’ve seen ads for sun protection pills. Do they really work?  I just  got a job offer in Tuscon, but after  two skin cancer surgeries, I’m worried about   so much  sun exposure.

Answer:  It does sound like the plot point of an episode on Twilight Zone, but sun protection   supplements like Heliocare are genuinely helpful.  They are made from the extract of a fern found in South and Central America– another good reason to protect the rain forest.

For centuries, native tribes used to apply these ferns  to inflammed and blistered skin.  In fact they were a popular folk remedy  for skin condition suchs as  eczema  and psoriasis.   Today over 70 peer reviewed studies  have demonstrated that extracts made from these ferns can protect the skin  in four  ways:

1. They are powerful antioxidants that break down free radicals … Continue Reading…

Five Top Acne Questions By Deborah Chase

acne questionsI had chronic breakouts when I was  younger and I think one of the reasons  I am happy to be over 50 is that  I no longer have to worry about acne.  But  because of my personal history,  finding  the best options for  preventing and treating acne is  one of  my  favorite beauty topics.   Many of my readers feel the same  way and about half  of  their questions  deal with acne.  Here are the top  five questions

1.  How  can I have acne   breakouts in my late 30’s? I thought its  just a problem for teens.

Answer:  Acne is thought to be as much a part of adolesence  as  SAT’s and  hopeless crushes.   IRL acne has no age limit.  Teenage acne is due to the perfect storm of hormonal  surges that  lead to increased oil  product combined with   a high fat, … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoStaness of Menopause Makeover is hosting Fashion Flash this week!  Our lifestyle bloggers are shaking off  the snow to share   great beauty, fitnes, fashion  and health tips:

* Barbara of The Best of Everything After 50  offers the single best exercise  that women should do every day

* Cindy of Prime Beauty gets up close and personal  with a great beauty ingredient- glycolic acid

* Jodell of Black Cat Plus  shares  the figure  friendly benefits of vests

* Kari of Fab Over  40  introduces the new  make-up set from   Bobbi Brown ( my  all time fav)

* Deb of Fabulous After Forty demonstrates how to get tops and  bottoms in proportion when  you are long waisted

* Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai  details new information on healthy heart nutrition.

* … Continue Reading…

Retin A- One Dab for the Whole Face?

Question and Answer about Retin ARetin A questions are the top category in my mail box.  This medication is  strong, effective, but   success lies  with  so  many details that are not discussed when its first  prescribed.  This is not the first  time I  received this one-dab- fits- all  question, so it definately needs an answer.

Question:  I am 35, African American  and I am using Retin A for both acne and area of  discoloration.  The directions  say to use  a  single pea size dab for the whole face.  Wouldn’t it be  smarter to  put it just on the areas that need help?

Answer:  That little nightly  dab of Retin A hardly seems  enough for a whole face, but its all the skin needs… and can handle. Retin A is powerful and even that small amount can cause dryness and irritation, especially if  used in  … Continue Reading…