Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week our newest Fashion Flash member Diva Debbi  is hosting Fashion Flash for the first time.   She is such a talented  fashion stylist with an incredilbe eye for creating   the perfect outfit for every occasion.  Make sure to roam thru her site  and check out her amazing Polyvore  pages.  Our other bloggers have  been  extra busy this week including:

* Fab Over Forty shares  fit ball exercises.

* Aging Backwards   explains  why eating geens can whiten your teeth

* Prime Beauty  shares a  must have new eyeshadow palette from Tarte ( I love that brand)

* Fabulous After 40 nails it again  demonstrating how to wear those floaty, sheer pastels that are now front and center in the stores.

* And at No-Nonsense Beauty Blog I am offering a … Continue Reading…

Can Women of Color Use Lasers? by Deb Chase

Women of ColorQuestion: Can a South Asian women use Forever Beautiful  laser to get rid of dark patches? Answer: According to Carissa, the amazing esthetician who works with Dr Z.Paul Lorenc, the short answer is— no.  The heat of  this  milder laser  could trigger new darkened areas and leave the skin with  irregular pigmentation.  To clarify  and brighten South Asian  skin  Carissa uses a two step  process.  First she pre-treats the skin with  for a few weeks with hydroquinone to put the melanin producing cells into sleep mode.   Then she exposes the skin to  a  Q switch YAG laser which was developed originally to remove black pigment in a tattoo.  The proceedure needs to be done very very carefully  and after treatment  sunscreens are essential.  To keep the skin smooth and clear  a 50SPF sunscreen should … Continue Reading…

Hydroquinone- How Long Can I Use It? by Deb Chase

Hydroquinone for hyperpigmentationQuestion: My doctor gave me a prescription for hydroquinone ( 4%) cream.  Its helping control my post pregnancy dark splotches, but I’ve heard bad things about  it.  How long can I safely use it?

Answer:  Hydroquinone is one of those medications that we love to hate.  It has been around for decades and is actually  the ONLY ingredient that has been approved by the  FDA for skin lightening.  According to Mount Sinai dermatologist  Dr Gary Goldenberg, you can safely use  hydroquinone for  up to three months at a time. Even if its working, you need to take a three month drug holiday after the initial treatment.  If you want to return to this popular skin lightener, you’re back to a three month on and three month off schedule. However if  … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion FLash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week  Jodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash. Our bloggers are really feeling spring as they  offer their favorite fashion, fitness  and beauty tips. For example Prime Beauty shares the goodies from her favorite subscription beauty   service; Moving Free with Mirabai  has the skinny on new weight loss apps; and I  have uploaded  my new must-have skin care products.  And  don’t miss  the brilliant post from Fabulous After 40 on how to wear those “moody florals”– large bright flowers on a black backgroud.  I was ready to pass on this look them by until   I read this post.   That very day I went out and bought a pair of skinny dark floral pants and paired it with a new black  silk cardie.  It worked perfectly for my personal style and yet was … Continue Reading…

Health Benefits of A Laser by Deb Chase

Laser Before and AfterThe Forever Beautful  BBL laser  made a visible difference in the quality of my skin.   At parties and conferences, friends and co-workers  mentioned that  my skin  looked good.  But what they could not see were the health benefits below the skin.  Lasers like Forever Beautiful  not only clarify the surface of the skin they break up the melanin clumps in the layers below.  And thanks to the imaging  instruments like  TruVu,  we can actually see these changes.

Laser Benefits Below the Skin

The photo on the  left is the a woman before  laser treatment.  The dark spots and spotches  are all indications of sun damage.  Not only does it make the skin look dull and older than its years,  the darkened areas are more likely … Continue Reading…

How Long Can I Use Antibiotics for Acne? by Deb Chase

Antibiotics for AcneQuestion:  I’ve had acne  since my teens and  every new doctor seems to prescribe another antibiotic.  I’m worried about this and wonder how long can I take antibiotics  safely.

Answer:  When a doctor recommends antibiotics for an infected bug bite  or lingering cough, its usually for a relatively short period of time that ranges from 5-10 days. But when  antibiotics are prescribed for antibiotics, the time frame changes significantly.  How long  you can safely and effectively use  antibiotics for acne  depends  on the type and form  of the different  antibiotic options.

Antibiotics for Acne 101

For acne, antibiotics are used directly on the skin as well as taken in pill form. The most commonly used antibiotic is benzoyl peroxide. Available without prescription and formulated into a gel or cream, benzoyl peroxide … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week  our Welcome to Spring  Fashion Flash is hosted  by the one and only Cindy of Prime Beauty.    The end of  a too long  cold winter has inspired our bloggers  to write about  the latest in exercise, health, fashion and beauty including:

*  Aging Backwards  points out common  make-up blunders

* Fab Over Forty  checks out the  newshoe line from  Sex and the City Shoe fanatic Sarsh Jessica Parker

* Moving Free with Mirabai gives great  advice  for  controlling the apple  shape of your body  during menopause.

* Menopause Makeover  explains how exercise lowers risk of breast cancer

* Prime Beauty  explores the benefits of  a good  toner in a skin care regimen

* The Best of Everything After Fifty   offers the best  advice of dating after 50 by one of … Continue Reading…

How Long Can I Use Retin A? by Deb Chaase

Q&A logoQuestion:  I  have been using Retin A for acne.  Whenever I try to stop, my skin starts to break out again.  How long is it safe to use Retin A?

Answer:  Short answer…forever.  Retin A  cream or gel is a powerful and effective medication for both acne and anti-aging, but it is also safe to use for  years.  The skin does not seem to become immune  to its activity and the benefits remain over time.  Studies have shown that patients  who stared using Retin A  for adolescent acne had fewer signs of aging in their forties. ( Yes,  its been around that long).

The Other Forms of Retin A

But this safety  profile is just for the gel or cream form of Retin A.  In the oral form  of Retin A called Isotretinoin ( aka Accutane)  there are strict  time limits.  … Continue Reading…