Did the Forever Young Laser Reverse Aging? by Deb Chase

Skin before Forever BeautifulMy first treatment  with the Forever Young laser made a big difference in my summer freckles  But amazing esthetician Carissa  wanted to go for gold.  So I had a second treatment to even out the remaining red and brown areas as well as tighten the skin to shrink pores on my  cheeks.

Carissa,  who works with the Park Avenue cosmetic surgeo Dr Paul Lorenc,  started by massaging in a mixture of ultrasound gel and lidocaine.  She then waited  for twenty minutes for my skin to become numb. ( Because time is money, some  skin care  practitioners  do not give the skin a  chance to get numb and  even these lower level lasers can be quite uncomfortable. If this ever happens to you, insist on sufficient numbing time!)   When the lidocaine  kicked in, Carissa fired up the Forever Young laser and made four passes over the entire face.  Then she switched to the infrared light head to tighten  up the contours. She turned up the intensity a bit but even a coward like me could handle the buzzing sensation.

At the end of the session, my face felt warm, but was not the same shade of red that I turned after  the first treatment.  When I  left, the cold air felt  wonderful on my skin and I was warm and cozy as I walked along on snowy streets.

Forever Young Laser Results

After Forever Beautiful treatmentThe next day my skin looked smooth and radiant.  Over the next few weeks, it got better and better as the ultrasound stimulated new collagen.  The photo at the top of the post  was  taken after  the first treatment and  most of the summertime freckles  were gone.  But in the second photo , you can  see the general skin color is  even and glowing without  little red lines and darker bits.

And here is even better news– the benefits are not just cosmetic.  The Forever Young  laser breaks  up the melanin deposits  below the  surface of the skin. These melanin deposits  can turn into skin cancer and the laser treatment  is felt to lower risk for developing    skin cancer in the future.


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  1. Deb, the change from your first Forever Young treatment to your second is noticeable and lovely! I am now going to add this to my “to do” list!! Thank you so much for keeping me informed. I find a number of your posts highly relevant to us men!!

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