Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week  our Welcome to Spring  Fashion Flash is hosted  by the one and only Cindy of Prime Beauty.    The end of  a too long  cold winter has inspired our bloggers  to write about  the latest in exercise, health, fashion and beauty including:

*  Aging Backwards  points out common  make-up blunders

* Fab Over Forty  checks out the  newshoe line from  Sex and the City Shoe fanatic Sarsh Jessica Parker

* Moving Free with Mirabai gives great  advice  for  controlling the apple  shape of your body  during menopause.

* Menopause Makeover  explains how exercise lowers risk of breast cancer

* Prime Beauty  explores the benefits of  a good  toner in a skin care regimen

* The Best of Everything After Fifty   offers the best  advice of dating after 50 by one of the best dating  coaches

* Black Cat Plus  recommends the perfect tights to wear under a tunic

* Fabulous After 40 discovers the D’orsay flat–  the ballet flats’ new sexy cousin.

* And at No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  looks at eye creams– and  why they should be included  in your   your beauty budget.

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4 thoughts on “Its Fashion Flash Monday!

  1. How do I get a password for the Retin A article? (I’m already a subscriber.)

    Are there supposed to be hot links in the above article? None are showing on my computer.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. My dermatologists office is suggesting Thermage (3rd generation) treatment. My skin is in good shape but at almost 60 it is starting to sag around the jaw line. What are your experts saying on this for tightening? I already use Tazorac 1% and have glycolic peels every few weeks. Thanks

    • I have seen reports of very good results from Thermage, and I keep planning totry it. However it is more painful than other procedures, you need several treatments for best results and its one of the most expensive anti-aging proceedures. However it is recommended for sagging around the jaw line. If you get it done, I would love to hear about your experience.

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