Health Benefits of A Laser by Deb Chase

Laser Before and AfterThe Forever Beautful  BBL laser  made a visible difference in the quality of my skin.   At parties and conferences, friends and co-workers  mentioned that  my skin  looked good.  But what they could not see were the health benefits below the skin.  Lasers like Forever Beautiful  not only clarify the surface of the skin they break up the melanin clumps in the layers below.  And thanks to the imaging  instruments like  TruVu,  we can actually see these changes.

Laser Benefits Below the Skin

The photo on the  left is the a woman before  laser treatment.  The dark spots and spotches  are all indications of sun damage.  Not only does it make the skin look dull and older than its years,  the darkened areas are more likely to develop some form of skin cancer.  The photo on the right  shows the impact of just one  Forever Beautiful treatment.  You can see a significant lightening of the skin as the damaged areas were basically vaporized.  Now they  cannot develop into something more serious.

I firmly believe that  you cannot separate health and beauty practices.  Exercise,   an anti-oxidant filled diet, avoidance of smoking and limits on alcohol will do as much for  your heart and brain as it will for your appearance.   Skin treatments such as lasers, Retin A and  regular peels  will  reduce chances of  developing  skin cancers.  It  just makes sense and these photos  are the proof.

The “laser season” ( Dec-Mach) is almost over. The cold grey  days of winter are a wonderful time to get laser treatment.  You want to  protect the skin from  sun after a session with a laser  and in these months, sunny days are few and far between.   Remember that when you go for a laser treatment, you need to stop using  Retin A for at least 48 hours before   and up to  a week  after the procedure.  This is also the time to stop using  using   vitamn C serum, toners and exfoliators  to avoid additional irritation.  And whenever your face meets a laser you need to be especially  generous with  sunscreen appliction.  Really slather that stuff on and  reapply  during the day.

FYI- these  are not my photos, but  from a very generous patient  of Dr Z Paul Lorenc, the uber smart and talented New York CIty aesthetic  surgeon.

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