Its Fashion FLash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week  Jodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash. Our bloggers are really feeling spring as they  offer their favorite fashion, fitness  and beauty tips. For example Prime Beauty shares the goodies from her favorite subscription beauty   service; Moving Free with Mirabai  has the skinny on new weight loss apps; and I  have uploaded  my new must-have skin care products.  And  don’t miss  the brilliant post from Fabulous After 40 on how to wear those “moody florals”– large bright flowers on a black backgroud.  I was ready to pass on this look them by until   I read this post.   That very day I went out and bought a pair of skinny dark floral pants and paired it with a new black  silk cardie.  It worked perfectly for my personal style and yet was a cutting edge look.   Now I just have to wait until the last blizzard passes.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: A Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron was something of a legend in New York.  As a writer she moved back and forth between print and film, writing   personal and  affecting stories that seemd to span generations and genders.  In an era where the supernatural seems to the the norm and violence and graphic sex  seem to be an obligatory  part of any  media, Nora Ephron  had a unique voice.  She took a  long hard look at  life and love  that  you remembered long after you closed her books or  the credits came on  after  the movie.

When I started to   do posts on my neck makeover, I decided to reread  her book.  Ten yers later it is still as relevant  as it was  when it was first published  ten years ago.  In addition to  now famous  neck essay, Ephron  tackled   the stages of parenting,  New York real estate horror stories,   designer handbags and of course her real passion- food.   While  many of the stories are New York centric  her tone and  world view  resonated    around the world.  If you read  it before, pick it up again and read it now  whenyou are ten yers older.  If its  new to you, get ready for a treat.

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