Can Women of Color Use Lasers? by Deb Chase

Women of ColorQuestion: Can a South Asian women use Forever Beautiful  laser to get rid of dark patches?
Answer: According to Carissa, the amazing esthetician who works with Dr Z.Paul Lorenc, the short answer is— no.  The heat of  this  milder laser  could trigger new darkened areas and leave the skin with  irregular pigmentation.  To clarify  and brighten South Asian  skin  Carissa uses a two step  process.  First she pre-treats the skin with  for a few weeks with hydroquinone to put the melanin producing cells into sleep mode.   Then she exposes the skin to  a  Q switch YAG laser which was developed originally to remove black pigment in a tattoo.  The proceedure needs to be done very very carefully  and after treatment  sunscreens are essential.  To keep the skin smooth and clear  a 50SPF sunscreen should be  used  in both sunny and cloudy weather and reapplied during the day.

Irregular skin tones can develop in South Asian skin from bug bits, pregnancy, heat, acne and sun exposure. Some experts believe that dark patches can occur as part of normal aging, much the way lighter skin tones develop lines and wrinkles.  Not  to be a broken record, but  maaging  unwanted pigmentation starts and ends with a consistant sunscreen routinue.

Skin of color  from all parts of the globe need to be especailly carefully   to avoid more hyperpigmentation when treating the skin.  Irritation seems to be  melanin producing cells into over drive and  treatments to erase darkened areas can  trigger more  dark spots and patches. I am working on a free   four page  guide to treating  this problem  to explain the major causes and offer more than a dozen therapies.



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  1. I’m not Asian, but a 60 year old light-skinned African American with a pesky brown age spot on my nose. Do you think the same laser treatment would apply to me? My last doctor visit was suppose to remove it with the laser, but instead it left a white stripe down the middle of the spot, leaving two smaller spots! Ugh!!! Should I try to find a doctor that knows the treatment you’ve mentioned and if so what is it called?

    • I’m so sorry this happened to you. I will ask one of my smartest doctors what is the best way for you to handle this. Since its a holiday weekend, give me a week to get some answers for you. And an you tell me where you are located so that I can find thee right person for you.

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