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Fashion Flash logoThis week our newest Fashion Flash member Diva Debbi  is hosting Fashion Flash for the first time.   She is such a talented  fashion stylist with an incredilbe eye for creating   the perfect outfit for every occasion.  Make sure to roam thru her site  and check out her amazing Polyvore  pages.  Our other bloggers have  been  extra busy this week including:

* Fab Over Forty shares  fit ball exercises.

* Aging Backwards   explains  why eating geens can whiten your teeth

* Prime Beauty  shares a  must have new eyeshadow palette from Tarte ( I love that brand)

* Fabulous After 40 nails it again  demonstrating how to wear those floaty, sheer pastels that are now front and center in the stores.

* And at No-Nonsense Beauty Blog I am offering a free guide to Retin A.  This is the ONLY product that  the FDA allows to claim anti-aging  benefits  and  this guide explains how to get the benefits you deserve.

Click thru DivaDebbi this week  to see these and the other must read  Fashion Flash blogs including The Best of Everything After Fifty, Black Cat Plus  and Moving Free With Mirabai.

Fashion FLash Book Review- Eye CandyFashion Flash Book Review: Eye Candy by Linda Mason

Linda Mason is one of the most  popular make-up artiss in New York. Not only can she create perfect  looks for every age and face, she is also a wonderful  teacher.  Her book, Make-Up: The Art of Beauty is one of my favorites   and I was so happy to find   she had written another book  just on eye  make-up.   Eye Candy offers   a range of  everyday looks and  as well as an array  of bold options when you want to  make a statement.  The   book  has  four features  that  have made it into my current  favorite style guide.  Eye Candy starts with photos and descriptions of  the different brushes I will  need and I finally  understand the difference between them. To  help  me pick the right products,   the top   right hand  corner of the  page  has a little swatch of the exact color and consistancy  that  is needed  for each look.  This makes it easy ( and foolproof) to get EXACTLY the shadow  I will use to duplicate the make-up  on the page.  In addition to crystal clear  instructions, she has both a line drawing of the eye make-up and a photograph  of what it looks like IRL.  I took Eye Candy into Sephora and began assembling  a few   product groups.   I selected one  daytime look  called “the Audrey Hepburn” and one evening called “Knockout”  and I will be showing   the results in  a follow -up post.

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  1. Oh! The “Eye Candy” book looks awesome and would be the perfect present for my make-up obsessed daughter. Can’t wait to see the follow up picture.

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