Did the Forever Young Laser Reverse Aging? by Deb Chase

Skin before Forever BeautifulMy first treatment  with the Forever Young laser made a big difference in my summer freckles  But amazing esthetician Carissa  wanted to go for gold.  So I had a second treatment to even out the remaining red and brown areas as well as tighten the skin to shrink pores on my  cheeks.

Carissa,  who works with the Park Avenue cosmetic surgeo Dr Paul Lorenc,  started by massaging in a mixture of ultrasound gel and lidocaine.  She then waited  for twenty minutes for my skin to become numb. ( Because time is money, some  skin care  practitioners  do not give the skin a  chance to get numb and  even these lower level lasers can be quite uncomfortable. If this ever happens to you, insist on sufficient numbing time!)   When the lidocaine  kicked in, Carissa fired up the Forever Young laser and made … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Fashion Flash is hosted by the  amazing Positive Aging expert  Barbara Hannah Grufferman of The Best of Everything After 50.  She makes   getting older  look   fun and fabulous.  Slim and beautiful, she shares  fashion tips like the style and comfort of platform heels and how to make  beauty aids in your kitchen. Her fitness videos break down  exercise moves into easy understandable steps. This week she  has focused  the Fashion Flash bloggers  on a Spring Preview including:

*  Menopause Makeover   unveils her new book, Eat Like a Woman

* Fab Over Forty  loves eye patches that  smooth and brighten the eye

* Moving Free with Mirabai  tackles a biggie–  to weigh or not to weigh!

* Aging Backwards takes a  look at modern etiquette

* Fabulous After 40 shows to  wear the sporty … Continue Reading…

Cystic Acne–The Acne Bad Boy by Deb Chase

Cystic AcneThere is acne and then there is cystic acne.  Raised, painful and hard to treat, cystic acne  is more common in men than women.   Its not a short term problem, usually starting in the teens and continuing for decades. The differences  between cystic acne starts   blow the surface of the skin.  The oil gland is connected to the hair follicle.( In the diagram  the long structure is the hair follicle and the small  blobs on the side are oil glands). Cystic Acne in hair follicleWhen the small oil gland fills with excess oil and dead skin cells, it forms first a black head and then the classic whitehead on the surface.  If the hair  follicle becomes clogged with  oil and skin cells, the … Continue Reading…

No-Nonsense Fashion Week- Winter Wear by Deb Chase

Fashion WeekI love the street fashion of Fashion Week.  The runway shows are  great theatre, but the designs on the freakishly tall models are more like costumes than clothing.  By contrast  the parade of fashion editors and buyers streaming into Lincoln Center  are a walking  seminar on how to look  fantastic.

This year, the weather was a fashionista   wake-up call   as the Fashion Week crowds battled freezing cold, blinding blizzards and piles of snow and ice.  Statement shoes were replaced with boots,  and  trendy  jackets with heavy sweaters.  Seemingly for the first time ,  the people who create and market fashion  experienced  the style challenges  that weather causes  for  the rest of us.

Each winter I’ve struggled to balance  looking good with staying warm.  While I can pull on fuzzy boots, jeans … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoI’m so psyched to be hosting Fashion Flash again this week.  While  most of us have Oscar fever, our lifestyle bloggers are  focused on  sharing the  best in  in  beauty, fashion,fitness and nutrition:

*Cindy at Prime Beauty  shares her tips and tricks for applying eye makeup on older eyes and its eye-opening (  no pun intended)

* As another snowstorm  rolls across the country,enjoy a cup of cozy warm Matcha Green Tea latte. Loaded with  antioxidants it can lower cholesterol and  even boost metabolism.  Staness Jonekos of  Menopause Makeover  shares her favorite, easy to prepare recipe.

* Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai wants   you to learn how cardio dance may  improve memory.

* Would you try the newest ‘ backwards hair craze’  that  Jackie from Continue Reading…