Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis  week Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash. She is one of the most  trusted online  make-up  authorities and  I never shop for new products without checking out her recommendations.  She  tests out every color and texture to provide  advice that you can always use and trust.  This week our Fashion Flashers   have outdone themselves with posts that range rom a RoC giveaway( Fab Over Forty) to  new choices in shape wear( Diva Debbi)  to new research on the benefits of exercise (Best of Everything After 50).

EAT LIKE A WOMANFashion Flash Book Review: Eat Like A Woman by Staness Jonekos

True Story.  In my early forties my husband and I decided to try to lose  some  weight on the Atkins diet.  Breakfast was bacon and … Continue Reading…

The True Beauty Vitamin? by Deb Chase

Vitamin pillsLast week I received a simple question that did not have a simple answer– what  is the most important vitamin for my skin, the true beauty vitamin?   Just about every nutrient has been promoted for skin  health, but three  keep making the list:

1. Vitamin E-

Vitamin E is a  powerful anti-oxidant found in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and leafy green vegetables.  Studies have shown that  it can block free radicals and  ( in theory) reverse signs of aging.    There are also  suggetions that vitamin E   can reduce scar formation. But  sad to say the impact and benefit of  vitamin E  has  been somewhat oversold. Vitamin E creams and cleansers  have been shown to  actually provoke breakouts in oily or acne prone skin.  And as for help in scar reduction, numerous researchers report  it … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis  week the host of Fashion Flash is Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai.  Its no secret that I am not a big fan of exercise.  Mirabai who has no less than three degrees and four certifications in the field is one of the very few people  who can  motivate me to move.  Even if its  been years  since  you went to a gym,  Mirabai developed an amazing series of chair based moves.  She has designed exercise routines for cardiac patients that  have to be seen to be believed. And her bone building routines should be mandatory for every women over 45.  She is that good.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  Wear No Evil by Greta Eagan

Fashion FLash Book ReviewContinue Reading…

Cortisone- How Long Can I Use It? by Deb Chase

Question and Answer about Retin ACortisone gels and creams are another one of those treatment options that we love to hate.  When used properly under supervision from a health  care professional, cortisone can dramatically clear-up a wide range of skin  problems including, eczema, poison ivy or a red rash from who knows what.

All cortisone products are not equal.  In the US there are actually seven  grades of strength.  The mildest  is known as hydrocortisone  which is even available without a prescription.   Betamethasone ( prescription only)   is considered a moderate cortisone and is 100X more  powerful than hydrocortisone.   Clobesterol, the strongest form of cortisone  is a whopping 600X more powerful than hydrocortisone and reserved  for severe problems. The form of cortisone can also impact on the health of the skin.  Cortisone gels and ointments have the greatest potency while creams and lotions have … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week the fabulous Kari of Fab Over Forty is hosting Fashion Flash.    And now that we  can count  on more than one day of sunshine at a time, our bloggers are deep into spring.  For example, Fabulous After 40 shares three styles of spring dresses for women over 40,  Aging  Backwards has great spring cleaning tips and Positive Living  Advocate Barbara Hannah Grufferman  chats with a dating coach  for advice about  dating over 50.  At No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  I look at ways to layer different skin care products (including sunscreen, antioxidants and serums), to make sure you  get the very  best results.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:  Toss the Gloss by Andrea … Continue Reading…

Help! I’m Peeling From Retin A by Deb Chase

acne questionsQuestion: I followed  your advice and  started using Retin A  for signs of age — and now my skin is peeling.Does  this mean  its not good for my skin and I should stop using it?

Answer: Oh no, don’t give up  just yet!  The peeling you see is the shedding of the top dead layer of skin cells that are clogging the pores and slowing down skin growth.   This is a  major benefit of Retin A and actually a sign that its  doing a good job.  However if the flaking is excessive and unsightly, we need to look at  how you are using Retin A.  Remember you need to avoid other sources of exfoliation including, scrubbing grains, complex brushes, alcohol based toners and all alpha hydroxy products.   You need to use a super … Continue Reading…

Is Marijuana the Key to Beautiful Skin? by Deb Chase

marijuana plantQuestion: My friend from Holland says that  marijuana is great for the skin.  Is  that true?   How does it work?

Answer: You had me at marijuana.  While its true that marijuana ( which is legal in Holland)  contains effective antioxidants in the form of cannabinoids, that is not the whole story…..

Smoking marijuana is like smoking traditional tobacco  and  has the same harmful impact  on the heart, lungs and skin.  Some experts even say that it is more dangerous since it is drawn deeper into the longs and held in the airways for greater impact.  Smoke is smoke whether it is more a barbeque grill,  tobacco cigarette or a  hand rolled joint.  All forms of smoke contain carcinogens that raise the risk of many  forms of cancer, especaially  breast and lung cancer.

When it … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Jodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash!   This amazing site  covers   plus size fashions,  celebrities and social issues with strong, fresh postive voice.  Our other Fashion Flashers  are inspired this week sharing their best posts  on fashion, health, fitness and beauty.  Our selections this week include  eye -opening photos of extreme plastic surgery from Diva Debbi,  classy  yet  casual black and white styles from Fabulous After Forty, color drenched summer styles from Prime Beauty and homemade  health and beauty  products from The best of Everything After 50.   And I share a confession in No-Nonsense Beauty Blog — I am an exercise drop-out.  There I said it.

Fashion FLash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book … Continue Reading…