Is Marijuana the Key to Beautiful Skin? by Deb Chase

marijuana plantQuestion: My friend from Holland says that  marijuana is great for the skin.  Is  that true?   How does it work?

Answer: You had me at marijuana.  While its true that marijuana ( which is legal in Holland)  contains effective antioxidants in the form of cannabinoids, that is not the whole story…..

Smoking marijuana is like smoking traditional tobacco  and  has the same harmful impact  on the heart, lungs and skin.  Some experts even say that it is more dangerous since it is drawn deeper into the longs and held in the airways for greater impact.  Smoke is smoke whether it is more a barbeque grill,  tobacco cigarette or a  hand rolled joint.  All forms of smoke contain carcinogens that raise the risk of many  forms of cancer, especaially  breast and lung cancer.

When it comes to  using  marijuana on the skin, the story is equally disappointing.   Like traditional cigarettes, marijuana smoke  depresses the production of collagen  which will accelerate the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Health Benefits of Marijuana

All kidding aside  researchers have shown that there are potential health benefits of  the THC chemicals found in marijuana.  Cannibinoids  in marijuana are highly effective anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.   Delivered in a vaporizer, marijuana  is used  to successfully relieve nausea  during chemotherapy.   But there is no evidence that adding marijuna to  skin care prodcuts would offer any  unique benefits.  While it has admirable  antioxidant properties, so do green tea, vitamin C, soy and oatmeal.   These easily available ( and universally legal) antioxidants deliver visible results in  affordable serums, moisturizers and masks.   Added to your diet, these antioxidant  rich foods have shown genuine health benefits.   For example a  simple  cardboard carton of oatmeal  can lower  cholesterol, reduce inflammation on the skin and internal organs  and  absorb excess oil on the skin.   In other words eating a bowl of oatmeal  or drinking a glass of OJ   is a easy ( and  law abiding ) approach to   antioxidant delivery.




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