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Fashion Flash logoThis  week Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash. She is one of the most  trusted online  make-up  authorities and  I never shop for new products without checking out her recommendations.  She  tests out every color and texture to provide  advice that you can always use and trust.  This week our Fashion Flashers   have outdone themselves with posts that range rom a RoC giveaway( Fab Over Forty) to  new choices in shape wear( Diva Debbi)  to new research on the benefits of exercise (Best of Everything After 50).

EAT LIKE A WOMANFashion Flash Book Review: Eat Like A Woman by Staness Jonekos

True Story.  In my early forties my husband and I decided to try to lose  some  weight on the Atkins diet.  Breakfast was bacon and eggs, lunch, a tuna salad plate and dinner a big steak and celery sticks.  After 10  very long days my husband  had lost almost 10 pounds.  I, on the other, had  dropped only two pounds which  quickly returned after the first bagel.   It  was clear that   gender differences  impact on the  way   men and women lose weight — and now there is a book to  show how to make these differences work  for us.

Eat Like A Woman by Flashion  Flash  blogger Staness Jonekos ( Menopause Makeover)  is a much needed  guide to  why and how  women  its harder for women to  control their diet.  For example, EPA and DHA  are two  important components to  omega-3 fatty acid which is so critical for heart health.   Turns out that men do  better with EPA supplements while women   have greater needs  for DHA.

And then there is the way  we handle tryptophan– the food  nutrient that moderates mood.   Staness points out that men are 52% more effective in absorbing tryptophan  than women–  which may explain why  women are more likely to nibble on sweets to self medicate with  food.

Eat Like A Woman offers  a three week, three step program  to lose weight and feel better. Her SWEAT program ( Smart Women Exercise All the Time),  profiles the best exercises for each stage of life.  For example, during pregnancy  Staness recommends walking and  yoga and warns against lying  flat on your back during a workout.  For optimum fitness  during menopause, Eat Like a Woman  recommends  moderate aerobics and strength training. The book closes with a well edited selection of recipes  including salmon tacos, braised pork, grape salsa, spiced nuts and  tuna and red bean salad.

Staness is also the author of Menopause Makeover, the ground breaking guide to getting back  health  and vitality after “the change”.  Eat Like A Woman provides the same type of  up to date research  and recommendations for the rest of our lives


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