What’s The Story With Bacne? by Deb Chase

Backne free back I was pretty spotty as a teenager.  When I got discouraged with  yet another failed attempt to clear up my face, my dermatologist would try to comfort me saying “but your back and chest are always clear”.  His heart was in the right place, if not his science.

Acne on the back ( aka bacne)  and acne on the chest is more common in men  and especially during adolesence. It appears where hair  follicles ( which have oil glands) are either more numerous  or more active.   Its  also harder to  see what is going on  below the neck and in the back, and  thus harder to clear.

The Best Bacne Treatment

According Mount Sinai super derm Dr Gary Goldenberg, bacne  signals the need for oral medication.  He starts … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Barbara   Hannah Grufferman of  Best of Everything After 50  is hosting Fashion Flash. Positive Living Expert of AARP  Barbara has  a delight in living and learning that is absolutely infectious.  As the decades roll by,  its all too common to   fall into a cynical disappointed mode and rant  about  what’s wrong with our lives. Not Barbara Hannah Gufferman, and her gorgeous  redesigned blog is the perfect antidote to  mid-life  malaise.  Read it every day for stimulating  new articles on health, beauty, and social issues that deserve our attention.

Fashion FLash supports SCTAHFashion Flash Supports  “The Skin Cancer Take a Hike”

May is National Melanoma  Awareness Month and  the numbers are sobering.  … Continue Reading…

No-Nonsense Fashion –THe POSH Sale by Deb Chase

If you ever wondered how  New York City women get their style here is one key– the annual  POSH sale.   For more than 30 years, each spring the rich and  famous donate their lightly  used designer duds to raise money for the Lighthouse Guild.

The sale  is often held at the Plaza  or the Pierre hotel.  The  rooms of   clothing and furnishings are beautifull organized.   Rolling racks are crammed with nearly new  furs, cashmere coats, evening gowns,  and sportwear while tables are piled   high with shoes and bags.   The prices, well the prices are up to 90% off original retail price tags.  The sale lasts  3 days  and each day they bring out  new wonders.  On the last day, the organizers start  dropping the already low prices.

I think  my favorite  part of the sale is the communal dressing room where New Yorkers  drop their normal reserve along with … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Mirabai of Moving Free With Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash.  I once read an article in the late lamented Madmoiselle magazine that listed the five friends we should all have– eg a friend with great style to take shopping and a kind friend  who always  has a warm shoulder and sympathetic   ear  when hard times hit.  But I think Mirabai is perhaps the most important friend– that person who  gets you to tie on a pair of sneakers and go exercise.  Having a BFF  who loves  working out is literally  a lifesaver.  Browse through  Moving Free With Mirabai  to become inspired to start and stay with a daily exercise program.

Fashion Flash is Growing !

I am so thrilled to introduce three new amazing sites on Fashion … Continue Reading…

Beauty and the Bottle by Deb Chase

alcohol Holding a sparkling cocktail  on St Patrick’s Day can seem like  the height of sophistication   but its really the fast track to aging.  Alcohol whether its in a cheap beer or aged scotch is toxic to living cells.  It floods the body with free radicals, slows  circulation, robs the skin of moisture  and ruptures blood vessels in the skin.  If you have  numerous  little red lines on your face, blame alcohol.

But alcohol is much more than a cosmetic problem.  A new study from  the World Health organization (WHO)  estimated that 3 million people die each year from excessive  drinking.  In fact the study links alcohol consumption to  more than 200 diseases including heart disease, liver failure,  numerous types of cancers, violence and auto  accidents.  Even worse alcohol significantly lowers  immunity from infections  … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoJodell of Black Cat Plus  is hosting Fashion Flash– and this week she shared that the “black cat” is  her gorgeous prize winning  black  Persian show cat.   Well done.

Fashion Flash is  growing  with five  new members and new topics  and this week I am so delighted to introduce you to Society Wellness, an amazing health, diet and fitness site.  It was founded by Florida based  Melanie Kasper  who is a professional dancer, certified personal trainer and yoga instructor.  For  in-depth information on her site  she has assembled an impressive group of contributors with degrees  that range from nutrition to oriental medicine.   Melanie is also a vegan and her recipes are  packed with both great taste and turbo powered nutrition.  Since I found her recipe for vegan basil tomato cream sauce   three … Continue Reading…

Skin Brighteners vs Skin Lighteners– What’s the Difference?

skin lighteners erase frecklesQuestion:  Because I have dark spots on my face and chest, I bought a cream with licorice root  that promised to  “brighten”  my skin.  Then I saw another product with hydroquinone that claimed to “lighten” the skin.  Is there a difference in the promise?   Is one better than the other?

Answer:   Brown splotches and spots can appear on both light and darker skin tones.  There are three different types that are triggered by different situations:

1. Melasma is a brownish discoloration that occurs with pregnancy  or after use of birth control pills.

2. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)   are dark areas or spots that are provoked  by injury to the skin like a bug bite, scratch, acne, or exzema.

3. Sun Damage  from unprotected or prolonged exposure to  UV rays is the … Continue Reading…

Can Peptides Really Smooth Wrinkles? by Deb Chase

peptide beauty productsPeptides are one of the most highly promoted  anti-aging ingredients– but do they actually work?  The short answer is — wait for it– maybe. The value  of peptides to the skin goes back to the 1930’s when doctors discovered that yeast extracts  promoted wound healing.  Further studies showed it was the peptide proteins in the yeast  that were responsible  for the beneficial effects including  increased collagen production.   Researchers now believe that peptides  can boost circulation AND  trigger new collagen synthesis.  Excellent!

Three Types of Anti-Aging Peptides

There are actually three types of peptides  that are  popular  cosmetic ingredients:

1. Signal proteins are able to increase collagen production AND  slow collagen destruction.  ( FYI collagen fibers are what gives the skin its strength and flexability.  Old, weak collagen leads to  unwanted lines … Continue Reading…