Does Obamacare Cover Skin Problems?

ObamacareAt the  recent Go Green  expo I struck up a conversation with a young staffer who challenged  me with an important question– does Obamacare cover skin problems?   She was in her early twenties, super healthy ( her words, not  mine), but she was dealing with chronic rosacea.  Without health  insurance, she did not have the funds   to see a dermatologist and had to  rely  on ineffective  drug  store remedies.

Roscea 101

Affecting more than 16 million Americans, rosacea is  a flushing and redness that  can lead to acne like eruptions  and skin thickening.  It seems to run in familes and is more common in people with light skin and eyes.Its not clear what causes rosacea but  studies have shown  bacteria, yeast and  even skin mites to be part of the problem. Spicy foods, alcohol and sunlight  can trigger a rosacea outbreak. Cosmetics with menthol, fragrance and glycolic acid can also be a problem for rosacea prone skin.

Rosacea can also be more than a cosmetic problem.  An estimated 30% of people with rosacea go on to develop roseacea linked eye roblems.  Called occular rosacea,  it requires prompt medical  attention to prevent permanent vision loss.

Obamacare and The Skin

While the Affordable Care Act is not perfect I would definately recommend that she explore her options on Her rosacea was certainly the type of pre-existing  condition that the new healthcare law was set up to handle.  At her age insurance premiums  are at their lowest.  Depending on her income, she could qualify  for exanded  Medicaid or subsidies for  monthly premiums.  Coverage would provide access to treatments like IPL lasers  that zap  overactive blood vessels that are driving the redness. A doctor can also write prescriptions  for antibiotic lotions( Metrogel), sulfosuccinate cleansers ( Prascion)  and low dose oral antibiotics ( Oracea).

I doubt if Obamacare covers anti-aging lasers and Botox, but for  clinical skin problems including rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and especially skin cancer, the Affordable Care  Act may provide access to  life changing treatment.

2 thoughts on “Does Obamacare Cover Skin Problems?

  1. ACA does not cover skin cancer screening & when they find it you have @ LEAST A $6,000 DEDUCTIBLE. So, look forward to discount coffins when your melanoma goes undiagnosed…..

    • That is terrible news! . At a Obamacare sign up fair, I was repeatedly assured the ACA did cover skin cancer screenings, biopsies and treatments. I wonder if it depends on the program. Your email shook me up and I am now going to dig deeper to find out the extent of the coverage. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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