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Fashion Flash logoJodell of Black Cat Plus  is hosting Fashion Flash– and this week she shared that the “black cat” is  her gorgeous prize winning  black  Persian show cat.   Well done.

Fashion Flash is  growing  with five  new members and new topics  and this week I am so delighted to introduce you to Society Wellness, an amazing health, diet and fitness site.  It was founded by Florida based  Melanie Kasper  who is a professional dancer, certified personal trainer and yoga instructor.  For  in-depth information on her site  she has assembled an impressive group of contributors with degrees  that range from nutrition to oriental medicine.   Melanie is also a vegan and her recipes are  packed with both great taste and turbo powered nutrition.  Since I found her recipe for vegan basil tomato cream sauce   three weeks ago, I’ve made it three times.  Yes, its that good.

Fashion Flash Book Review: What Jackie Taught Us by Tina Santi Flaherty

To women of my generation, Jacqueline Kennedy  was the gold standard for the ideal woman. While there are  many style icons, Jackie was much more than a fashion billboard. By example  and charm, she  made   education and culture important and  accepted.  She had a passion for  languages, art, photography and history that she used to raise the tone of American dialogue.  She made it  socially acceptable for a woman to be both  smart and beautiful, creating a durable role model   for women like Sheryl Stanberg and Melissa Myer to eventually follow.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewWhat Jackie Taught Us   was first published in 2004 and now on the twentieth  anniversary of her death,  it has been reissued with  wonderful comments by  people who knew her.    Friends like   Hemingway biographer  A.E. Hotchner,   and columnist Liz Smith  share their  “Jackie” stories that  remind us of her poise, grace and zest for living.   In addition to decoding her timeless fashion,  the author  details the powerful and lasting impact Jackie had on American  culture.  For example  her renovation of the White House was not about swatches and paint, but about restoring and recognizing  landmarks in American history. With seemimgly effortless charm she pursuaded both Republican and Democratic   collectors to donate  their prize possesions  such as  Thomas Jefferson’s ink well and George Washington’s armchair back to the White House.   .

What Jackie Taught Us is  a perfect weekend read   and I  combined a copy of the book with a pair of oversize  sunnies  for a birthday gift to  a BFF who shares my enthusiasm of all things Jackie.




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