Beauty and the Bottle by Deb Chase

alcohol Holding a sparkling cocktail  on St Patrick’s Day can seem like  the height of sophistication   but its really the fast track to aging.  Alcohol whether its in a cheap beer or aged scotch is toxic to living cells.  It floods the body with free radicals, slows  circulation, robs the skin of moisture  and ruptures blood vessels in the skin.  If you have  numerous  little red lines on your face, blame alcohol.

But alcohol is much more than a cosmetic problem.  A new study from  the World Health organization (WHO)  estimated that 3 million people die each year from excessive  drinking.  In fact the study links alcohol consumption to  more than 200 diseases including heart disease, liver failure,  numerous types of cancers, violence and auto  accidents.  Even worse alcohol significantly lowers  immunity from infections  such as pneumonia and even the common flu.

Doctors currently advise a limit of 3-5 glasses of alcohol a week.  Recently a  world class  cancer specialist   urged me to adaopt a one glass of wine a month limit   I think a reasonable  levels lies somewhere in between.





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