No-Nonsense Fashion –THe POSH Sale by Deb Chase

No-Nonsense Fashion-- Valentino

Black velvet and lace gown from Valentino

If you ever wondered how  New York City women get their style here is one key– the annual  POSH sale.   For more than 30 years, each spring the rich and  famous donate their lightly  used designer duds to raise money for the Lighthouse Guild.

The sale  is often held at the Plaza  or the Pierre hotel.  The  rooms of   clothing and furnishings are beautifull organized.   Rolling racks are crammed with nearly new  furs, cashmere coats, evening gowns,  and sportwear while tables are piled   high with shoes and bags.   The prices, well the prices are up to 90% off original retail price tags.  The sale lasts  3 days  and each day they bring out  new wonders.  On the last day, the organizers start  dropping the already low prices.

No-Nonsense Fashion

Deep pink Stella MaCartney

I think  my favorite  part of the sale is the communal dressing room where New Yorkers  drop their normal reserve along with their cothing.   In a true spirit of sisterhood, we advise  each  other on what on what   works  and  what  is best left on the racks. .   Frequently shoppers are looking for something  fabuous and affordable for a wedding  and this is certainly the place to do it.  I saw  this black velet and lace Valentino  go home for a formal wedding  while this  deep pink Stella MaCartney admired for an afternoon reception.

No-Nonsense Fashion Finds

No-Nonsense Fashion- J Mendel coat

Buttery soft J Mendel coat

I fell in love with a buttery soft J. Mendel cashmere coat and a suede Dolce and Garbana suede coat lined with leopard, but was just not into a new coat in May.   I took a taupe Prada shift and a paisley Etro blouse into the dressing room but they were too small ( sob).   But I never go home empty handed from the POSH sale.  (Over the years I’ve amassed  enough suits, sweaters and dresses  to wear

No-Nonsense Fashion

suede coat with leopard lining

Armani from morning to night).    This year’s  acquisitions incude a tissue thin silk Nina Ricci flowered dress that channels Audrey Hepburn ( $75) and a pale gree   linen  shirtwaist  from LouLou de la  Falaise. ($55)  FYI she was the cherished muse to Saint Laurant.  As I walked to the next room, I spotted a 6 foot long beaver scarf from Prada ( Prada!) for $85 that practically begged me to adopt him.  Then  just as I walked to the checkout  counter  I saw  a scarab watch that I had lusted after.  Normally  it retails around $300, but it is now mine for just $50.

No-Nonsense Fashion- Burberry

Burberry raincoat

Men are not forgotten at the POSH sales.  Racks of beautifully tailored clothing included a  striped Prada shirt,   a lined Burberry raincoat and and pair of black tails perfect  for yes, another wedding.

No-Nonsense Fashion-- Black tails

Black tails from Brooks Brothers

The staff and volunteers at the Lighthouse Guild POSH sale  are  enthusiastic and always helpful.  When I picked up the watch  it was not running.  The staffer wound and set the watch  and  told me to come back in 10 minutes to see if it was working.  When I  returned,  she was as happy as I  that  the watch  was clearly able to do its job. There is  wonderful atmosphere at the POSH sale that shares  such beautiful cothing  as it raises money for an amazing institution.  IMO its the very definition of a win-win event.

In  past years, I’ve had friends plan business trips to NYC  to  include the POSH sale.  Next year I will post a heads up  for the next one.


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