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Fashion Flash logoThis week Barbara   Hannah Grufferman of  Best of Everything After 50  is hosting Fashion Flash. Positive Living Expert of AARP  Barbara has  a delight in living and learning that is absolutely infectious.  As the decades roll by,  its all too common to   fall into a cynical disappointed mode and rant  about  what’s wrong with our lives. Not Barbara Hannah Gufferman, and her gorgeous  redesigned blog is the perfect antidote to  mid-life  malaise.  Read it every day for stimulating  new articles on health, beauty, and social issues that deserve our attention.

Fashion FLash supports SCTAHFashion Flash Supports  “The Skin Cancer Take a Hike”

May is National Melanoma  Awareness Month and  the numbers are sobering.  Its the #1 cancer in  women in their 20’s  and #2 in women in their thirties. And unlike other forms of skin cancer is  can be fatal if not caught and treated early.  Reggae  legend Bob Marley  died of a type of melanoma that started under the nail of his  big toe.  He thought it was a soccer injury   and ignored it until it spread to  his lungs.  He was only 36 years old.

Join the Fight Against Skin Cancer

I hve to admit that until I met  New York dermatologist Dr Ellen Marmur I ignored the PSA’s on skin cancer.  Super smart and  beautiful, Dr Ellen is passionate about skin cancer prevention.  Not only  is she an internationally recognized skin cancer surgeon, she is also a skin cancer survivor.  Her story finally got my attention and now I faithfully slather on sunscreens  as naturally  as  I brush my teeth.

Now she is taking her campaign against skin cancer to new heights– literally.

Fashion FLash supports skin cancer  hike

Dr Marmur on training hike in New York state

From July 16-  July 30, Dr Marmur  and  a team of skin cancer survivors and advocates are climbing  Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.   The goal?  To raise awareness and money for a disease that annually  affects 1.5 million men, women and children  in the US.

Dr Marmur has committed to raising $1,000,000 for the American Academy of Dermatology Spot Cancer  Campaign and you can participte by contributing to the “Skin Cancer Take a Hike” climb. If you or anyone  in your family has ever been told that they had skin cancer, you know how frightening the experience can be.  (Been there, done that and got the tee shirt).  Please join me to support this valuable program  and fundamentally  change the landscape on skin cancer  in America.

And on a personal note, Memorial Day is the start of the pool and beach season.   Stock up on sun screens  for the whole family and use it each and everyday.  Stay safe and beautiful  this summer!


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