Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoI am so excited about hosting  Fashion Flash this week.  Our bloggers are bursting with new ideas and insights:

* Positive Living advocate Barbara Hannah Gufferman thinks there are so  many reasons  why taking a nice long  walk is a really good thing. And this is just one of them.

* Kari of Fab Over  Forty  has found an easy way to refresh during the day.

* Have you ever heard of “chicken skin”?  Cindy of Prime Beauty points out that those pesky bumps on your upper arms are actually Keratosis Pilaris that can be hard to treat. Not to worry. She has a three step system that  gets the  job done.

* Does low bone mass mean Osteopososis?  Find out the answer from Moving … Continue Reading…

Does Obamacare Cover Skin Problems?

ObamacareAt the  recent Go Green  expo I struck up a conversation with a young staffer who challenged  me with an important question– does Obamacare cover skin problems?   She was in her early twenties, super healthy ( her words, not  mine), but she was dealing with chronic rosacea.  Without health  insurance, she did not have the funds   to see a dermatologist and had to  rely  on ineffective  drug  store remedies.

Roscea 101

Affecting more than 16 million Americans, rosacea is  a flushing and redness that  can lead to acne like eruptions  and skin thickening.  It seems to run in familes and is more common in people with light skin and eyes.Its not clear what causes rosacea but  studies have shown  bacteria, yeast and  even skin mites to be part of the problem. Spicy foods, alcohol and sunlight  can trigger a rosacea outbreak. Cosmetics with menthol, … Continue Reading…