Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Josephine of Chic At Any Age is hosting Fashion Flash.   This is the first time she  is hosting  and I am so thrilled  she has joined us.  Josephine has pitch perfect fashion advice for women over 40.  She has that seemingly effortless European style  for every situation.  When I have an upcoming occasion, I click thru  the archives at Chic At Any Agefor  ideas and direction.  I think  what sets  Josephine apart from other  style experts is the range of her choices.  She has  options for  both cold and hot weather, casual and dressy, affordable  and upcale.  In other words  beautiful, real clothes for beautiful, real women.

Fashion FLash Book Review: Afro-VeganContinue Reading…

Can I Have Skin Cancer?

Brooke Shields has skin cancerWhat  do Brooke Shields, Bill Clinton, Cybil Shepherd and Anderson Cooper have in commen?  They are just a few of the 3.5 million Americans who are diagnosed each year  with skin cancer  and it    is the most common form of cancer in  young adults.  Each year more than 10,000 people die from skin cancer, but when caught early it is almost always  curable.  And the key to early diagnosis is the annual skin check.

When Skin Cancer  Becomes Personal

Writing about skin cancer always felt  like someone elses problem.  I was  never a big   sun bather and never saw the need for a skin check.  Then my husband was diagnosed with squamous cell skin cancer and suddenly it became personal, very personal.  Sitting with my husband and waiting for biopsy results, I began to look  with increasing … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoI am  so excited  to host Fashion Flash  in the first week of summer. I have   my summer lists of musts– mint iced tea, swimming at dusk,   planting herbs,  concerts in the park,  and  flowers, lots of  flowers in my home. Summer is  just 90 days and  the Fashion Flash bloggers  wants to  make every day count:

* Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai  demonsrates how interval training can jump start  your exercises  on  land and in water.

* Josephine of  Chic at any age suggests   that we do  as French women do and add a scarf.

* Pam of Over 50,Feeling 40 is really feeling summer.  As summer sales begin, Pam reminds readers of the power of a well fitted jacket. There will be so  many options … Continue Reading…

Painless Bikini Wax– Does it Exist?

Legs after bikini waxNow that summer is finally  here, the bikini wax  season is not far behind. And I have to confess that  there  have been many times when I’ve sat and sweltered at  the beach  in a floor length mumu  rather than get a fresh wax.    This year I decided I would explore the world of waxing to  find the most comfortable  process.  There are actually three  types of body wax– hard wax, strip wax and soft wax, but before   a single drop of hot wax  hits  the skin, there is the question of bikini wax prep.

Before the Bikini Wax Begins

A little online research  served up more questions than answers.  Some experts felt exfoliating the area  with a loofah  would prevent ingrown hairs.  Others said that  this type of exfoliation … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Cindy of PrimeBeauty is hosting Fashion Flash!  She is an amazing  beauty expert who tries  out brands  in every category  to find the newest and best  personal care  products.  For example  this week you can  read about a new self tanner  from Ireland ( Ireland!!), a review of  the  new bareMinerals liquid foundation and  introduces   the bath and body line that has been  a favorite of British Royals since 1745. I especially love  her end of the week  feature– Frugal Fridays– where she uncovers  budget friendly beauty care   products.  Subscribe to  Prime Beauty for  product reviews that  you can count on.

Fashion FLash Book Review: Absolute BeautyFashion Flash Book Review:  Absolute Beauty by Pratima Raichur … Continue Reading…

Health Hazards of Kale?

KaleKale is the “it” food  of the year– and for good reason.  A single one cup serving of kale has just 36 calories yet delivers a payload of  5 grams of fiber, 180% of vitamin A, 200% of vitamin C, 45 different antioxidants and 10x the RDA of vitamin K. I think that kale can legitimately  call itself  the ‘beauty green ‘ since it offers so much fiber and vitamin C,   the two nutrients linked  to lower  levels of wrinkles in the landmark NHANES study.

But wait there is more.  Kale, a cruciferous veggie like  cauliflower and broccoli,  also contains sulfur compounds that are linked to reduced  risk of  lung, breast, colon, bladder  and prostate cancer.   There is even some evidence that these  sulfur componds,  called glucosinolates, inhibit the spread of … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Kari of Fabulous After Forty is hosting  Fashion Flash!  I can sort thru 20  different  sunscreens to find the right one for my skin, but when it comes to make-up, I go blank.  Fortunately   I know Kari and her comprehensive beauty site.   On Fabulous After Forty  I can track down the best mascara  or ask a question  about the right  summer blush for my skin. Try   it out yourself and you will never again  waste time and money on make-up failures.

Fashion FLash Book Review:The Lost Art of DressFashion Flash Book Review:  The Lost Art of Dress  by Linda Przybyszewski

When  I was growing up, the rules of fashion seemed to be set instone.  Spring meant navy, winter  meant blck watch plaid and … Continue Reading…

Can I Use Shea Butter with Retin A? by Deb Chase

Question and answer logoQuestion– I am   a twenty year old African Americn woman with very sensitive skin.   I have hormonal acne and  I am hoping that Retin A will stop the breakouts.   However I’m breaking out more and my skin is very dry, flaky and sore.  I’ve been using shea butter over  Retin A at night.  In the morning I use   Neutrogena sunscreen.  Any  help would be appreciated.

Answer– Dryness is part of Retin A treatment and the flaking is a sign that the skin is getting rid of  dead skin that is blocking the pores.  However I am concerned with the  sense of  irritation you are experiencing.  Retin A needs to be used very very carefully  with skin of color.  The inflammtion from Retin A can  unfortunately  trigger hyperpigmentation or darkened areas on  darker skin tones.  To avoid  problems I … Continue Reading…