Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week  Melanie of Society Wellness is hosting  Fashion Flash for the first time!  Melanie is a professional dancer and certified Yoga instructor  who walks the walk for   good  health and fitness.  Her beautiful site  features  always interesting and informative posts on health, nutrtion  exercise and  stress reduction.   She is  a vegan and her recipes are   so good   they  make  meat seem  like a silly  idea.  She also has a wonderful line of vitamins  to plug in the holes in  our diets.  While I know that recent studies  sugget that vitamins are  unnecessary  these researchers clearly  don’t know  much about the real world.  I would have to eat  more than 2000 calories a day to meet the  current guidelines  for  good nutrition.  With that amount of food I would soon become  another obesity statistic.    Visit   Society Wellness and I think you will become as  big a fan as I am.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion  Flash Book Review: The cLean Momma Workout by Carolyn Barnes

Its no secret that I am not  a big fan of exercise.  I’m not proud  of that, but its the truth.  However I do love a clean house and in fact   you  might say I am a stress cleaner.  When faced with a tough client or looming deadline, I tend to  pull out  a can of Pledge  or  my  Dirt Devil and attack  my house.  When I  found The cLean Momma Workout it was like the mother ship calling me home.

The cLean Momma Workout  shows  how  standard house cleaning activities   can be  refined  to become a total body  workout.  The author, Carolyn Barnes  was  a stressed out,  overweight mom who realized that  daily  cleaning chores  like  filling the diswasher, dusting and   my favorite, the vacuum cleaner,  can be  refined strengthen the body even when  you have  no time  to exercise.  Barnes calls these moves “Taskercizes ” and they can be done anywhere  eg in a car,  at the playground, in the supermarket  and all through the house.   I love  the workout and  wish it had been around when I gained 60 pounds with my last baby.




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