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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Kari of Fabulous After Forty is hosting  Fashion Flash!  I can sort thru 20  different  sunscreens to find the right one for my skin, but when it comes to make-up, I go blank.  Fortunately   I know Kari and her comprehensive beauty site.   On Fabulous After Forty  I can track down the best mascara  or ask a question  about the right  summer blush for my skin. Try   it out yourself and you will never again  waste time and money on make-up failures.

Fashion FLash Book Review:The Lost Art of DressFashion Flash Book Review:  The Lost Art of Dress  by Linda Przybyszewski

When  I was growing up, the rules of fashion seemed to be set instone.  Spring meant navy, winter  meant blck watch plaid and shoes  and bags HAD to match.   It was exhausting  and restricting.   The sixties changed everything and these hard and fast rules  seemed to vanish overnight.  Today fashion rules are  a moving target. Style icons range from minimlist Inges de Fressange, over the top Kardashians and  the  youthful elegance of Kate Middleton.

How we went from white gloves for any  occasion  to anything goes is the focus of a new intriguing book, The Lost Art of Dress.  The  author is a professor of history  at Notre Dame, rather than  a fashionista and she takes decidedly  academic   approach to her narrative.  She digs deeply into the art and science of dress in America with a emphasis on the history of patterns and home sewing.    While her field is history, she comes  from a long line of women who sew.  A skilled dressmaker herself, she provides a comprehensive history of home sewing and the army  of home economic  teachers who taught America how to dress.

The book  bares its academic roots when it  tends to vear  off  topic as it drills deep into the details of the home sewing movement.  I was also a little disappointed in  the illustrations.  Most of the  black and white  sketches and color plates  did not  reflect the fashions discussed in the text.   Despite these drawbacks, The Lost Art of Dress is a useful reference for fashion students to understand the traditions behind popular  style trends in the first half of the 20th century.

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