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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Cindy of PrimeBeauty is hosting Fashion Flash!  She is an amazing  beauty expert who tries  out brands  in every category  to find the newest and best  personal care  products.  For example  this week you can  read about a new self tanner  from Ireland ( Ireland!!), a review of  the  new bareMinerals liquid foundation and  introduces   the bath and body line that has been  a favorite of British Royals since 1745. I especially love  her end of the week  feature– Frugal Fridays– where she uncovers  budget friendly beauty care   products.  Subscribe to  Prime Beauty for  product reviews that  you can count on.

Fashion FLash Book Review: Absolute BeautyFashion Flash Book Review:  Absolute Beauty by Pratima Raichur

Ayurvedic  medicine is a centuries old  Indian approach to a healthy balanced life.  It is an extremely complex philosophy and  over the years I have tried and failed to understand how  Ayurvedic  principles apply to life in New York City…until now.  Absolute Beauty is the first book I have  read on the subject  that not only  clearly explains the dynamic of Ayurvedic  philosophy, it shows how to  apply these principles to daily skin care.

Ayurvedic health care  starts by dividing  people into three  broad  types– vata, pitta and kapha. The book ofers extensive  characteristics for each profile and I was  definately  impressed  how  accuraely one of the types  actually decribed me. In addition to  describing  skin characteristcs, the profiles cover all aspects of  personality and health issues.

The foundation of Ayurvedic skin treatment is the use of specific  herb fortified oils.  I especailly liked that the book not only described these oils, it offered easy and afforable recipes to make them at home.   The ingredients and directions for  oils to stimulate, calm  or cool  explained how to make an herbal concentrate to mix  with oils. Usually such products can be  pricy, but Absolute Beauty alowed me to  make  enough for friends and family  at less than the price of a single commercial  product.  it was also very reassuring to know exactly what was in each  oil that I produced and to know  that was free of  additives and preservatives.

Ayurvedic medicine  also deals with nutrition, exercise and spirituality.  Absolute Beauty touches on  all these factors  and made me hungry to learn more.  I hope I can find other books on the subject that are  as helpful and well written.

One final thought:  The author, a certfied Ayurvedic physician, has  her own extensive line of  products called Bindi.  But rather than use her book to  promote her company , she offers dozens of simple effective  recipes  for  healing  oils that you can make at home. It is a level  of integrity I wish  other  doctors  would   follow.

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