Painless Bikini Wax– Does it Exist?

Legs after bikini waxNow that summer is finally  here, the bikini wax  season is not far behind. And I have to confess that  there  have been many times when I’ve sat and sweltered at  the beach  in a floor length mumu  rather than get a fresh wax.    This year I decided I would explore the world of waxing to  find the most comfortable  process.  There are actually three  types of body wax– hard wax, strip wax and soft wax, but before   a single drop of hot wax  hits  the skin, there is the question of bikini wax prep.

Before the Bikini Wax Begins

A little online research  served up more questions than answers.  Some experts felt exfoliating the area  with a loofah  would prevent ingrown hairs.  Others said that  this type of exfoliation would actually cause more irritation  both before and after waxing.   Then there is the ideal hair length for waxing.  Most sources agree that the hair should be at least the length of a grain of rice– and that longer  hairs are  more painful to yank out.

Looking at my legs, I didn’t know what to think.  The hair on the top of the legs and thighs were definately within  that rice grain measurement.  However the hair on the back of my legs  was longer  and the hair on the bikini line– well,   there is a reason  its called a bush.  A few experts  suggested cutting the  hairs with a sissors, but that  didn’t seem practical.   I decided  to lightly  shave the  area a week before my waxing appointment and hope  for the best.

Wax Test 1– Hard Wax

My first appointment was with the European Wax Center which uses  hard wax.  It is a chain of salons that  turned out to be  elegant, spotless, affordable and totally professional.  My technician was Bella and she was a real pro.  She positioned me on  the table  with my legs open  and my the soles of  my feet touching.   She started at the  money spot– the bikini line.   Bella expertly spread  on the wax with  a wooden spatula.  When it  was time to remove the wax, Bella told  me to cough as she pulled off the hardened wax.  Great trick! I felt something,  but nothing close  to soul searing  pain of past  waxings.    The rest of the session  on the less  sensitive parts of my leg  was even more comfortable.

After waxing, Bella slathered on a glycolic acid fortified  serum  and a soothing body lotion.   My bikini line  was slightly  pink, but  nothing like the purple bruising  I had experienced at other waxing sessions.  The next day, my legs  were smooth, soft and totally comfortable.  There  were no little red bumps that usually appeared after a waxing session.  As an added bonus,  waxing takes of the top dead layer of skin cells, leaving  fresh, healthy skin.  Its like a facial for your legs.

Bella  recommended exfoliating my legs 2-3X a week in the shower, but not 24 hours before waxing.  She said that the first time was the  most uncomfortable and to come back in 3-4 weeks. I’m actually looking forward to it. On my way out I bought both products she used, something I almost never do after a salon visit.  They were that good.


4 thoughts on “Painless Bikini Wax– Does it Exist?

    • Actually most beauty treatments are temporary. My waxed legs are still pretty smooth more than 3weeks later. By comparison my blow dry is gone within 4 days.

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, it is helpful for the people who have many doubts about their first wax. I also had a good experience with a beauty salon in Canada. Always keep in mind that get your waxing done by a professional and experts.

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