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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Josephine of Chic At Any Age is hosting Fashion Flash.   This is the first time she  is hosting  and I am so thrilled  she has joined us.  Josephine has pitch perfect fashion advice for women over 40.  She has that seemingly effortless European style  for every situation.  When I have an upcoming occasion, I click thru  the archives at Chic At Any Agefor  ideas and direction.  I think  what sets  Josephine apart from other  style experts is the range of her choices.  She has  options for  both cold and hot weather, casual and dressy, affordable  and upcale.  In other words  beautiful, real clothes for beautiful, real women.

Fashion FLash Book Review:  Afro-VeganFashion Flash Book Review:  Afro-Vegan by Bryant  Terry

Food  reflects our personal culture– who we are and where  we come from. When health issues like  diabetes, obesity and heart disease  require new food choices it is very difficult to eliminate  all that is familiar and comforting– a key reason why most diets fail.

Bryant Terry, author of Afro-Vegan is deeply concerned about the rising tide of  diet linked health issues  in the  Afro- American  community.  His book  seeks to provide a healthier plant  based menu that still reflects  the African, Caribean and Southern  culture. Rather than looking for low fat, low salt versions of traditional recipes, he drills deeper to develop a truely original  approach to cooking and eating.   Terry  pulls out the flavors and textures  of beloved foods like grits,  greens and sweet potatoes  to create  dishes that are delicious, healthy and  culturally satisfying.

The recipes in Afro Vegan burst with flavor.   They  combine tingly cayenne and Jalapeno peppers, fragrant spices like cardamom, cinnamon and ginger and diverse grains like  farro, tiff and millet.  They are  new and unique  yet with tastes and textures that are  familar and comforting.   His   blackened okra kabob with red rice  is a mouth watering summer grill.  A corn broth made from   fresh cobs is a gorgeous base  for vegan and vegetarian soups.   My current favorite recipe   is a puddle of savory grits  topped with  slow-cooked greens.   Traditional braised  greens are a  personal favorite but I know they  are basically  a salt  and pork fat delivery system.  Terry offers a  meal of  grits made with vegetable broth and  cashew cream topped with greens spiked with garlic,  ginger and cayenne .  I have made it three times in two weeks. Yes, its that good.

The recipes are not technically complicated nor do they require expensive equipment and ingredients.  However if you don’t have a fully  stocked  pantry and spice rack  you will need to do a bit of shopping  to gather the parts and pieces for the recipes.    Once you  have stocked up for a few dishes you will be ready for the rest.

Summer is the perfect time to expand your  plant based recipe repertoire.  The farmers markets   are overflowing  with local fruits and vegetables.  Fill up a basket of greens, tomatoes  and peppers and dive into Afro-Vegan by Bryant Terry.


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  1. If you like foods with big flavor you will enjoy it. This book is special because you get these fragrant flavor s on a plant based diet. Let me know what you think.

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