Skin Care From Shark Tank– How Cool is That?

RIght now I have two top  passions–  honest skin care and   watching Shark Tank every Friday night.  For those  who may  not yet  be addicted, Shark Tank is a competition where  aspiring entrepreneurs seek to partner with self-made  billionnaires like  Mark Cuban ( Yahoo, owner of Dallas Maverick’s)  Barbara Corcoran ( real estate magnate ) and  Daymond John ( brilliant founder of Fubu fashions).  I usually find  competition shows banal and  mean inspirited, but each week I am blown away by the originality and intelligence  of these uber successful moguls.

When I discovered that three  Shark Tank winners    were exhibiting  their products at Cosmoprof in Las Vegas it felt like the mothership was calling  me  home.  While there are literally  hundreds of new products  at  this  international beauty show, the  Shark Tank products were truely unique:

Skin Care on Shark Tank1.  Simple Sugars  is a line of scrubs  that are not  only natural, they actually work by exfoliting and moisturizing at the  same time.  I tried out the almond scrub on my hands  and 24 hours later  my skin was still astonishingly softer and smoother– even in dry  desert air. Now just 23,  Simple Sugars  founder Lani Lazzari  started making skin care prodcuts  to deal with  her own sensitive skin. After partnering with Mark Cuban, Simple Sugars is now  a multi-million dollar company.

Skin care from Shark Tank2. Hot Tot is a line of specialized  hair products  with gentle ingredients just for children.   It began  when Hot Tot founder, Megan Gage wanted to style the wisps  her infant son’s hair into a  tiny pee-wee peak.  Not only does it  work, the Hot Tot  formulations  are free of everything you don’t want to put on your baby including synthetic coloring, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and irritating  sulfates.  I was so impressed that   Megan  used  her $20K investment from  Mark Cuban  to do the tests  necessary to label her products  hypoallergenic.  How remarkable is that!

Skin  Care products from Shark Tank3. KissTixx is a unique twist on lip balm.  I have to admit that I was surprised that Mark Cuban choose to partner with skin  and hair care products, but  KissTixx definately seems to be in his wheelhouse.   Developed by Dallas Robinson when he was still in college, KissTixx is a  lip balm combo that will revolutionize kissing.

Here’s how it works:  Each Kisstixx  is a pair of flavored lip balms eg chocolate and strawberry , one applied  on  each pair of lip…. and when they kiss, kapow! Sales have soared since appearing on Shark Tank. Mark Cuban invested $200,000 in KissTixx  and its now available in Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond  and K-mart.   In  true  Shark Tank style,  Dallas   has branched out producing special  order  lip balms.  His clients  include  sport teams, TV show and fashion brands.

Meeting  these three personal products entrepreneurs was a unique chance to see close-up  how to turn a great idea into a world class business.




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