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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Jodell of Black Cat Plus is  hosting Fashion Flash. This terriffic plus size  site is living proof that style has no size.  I love  how Jodell  explains  how to  enjoy   top trends at any shape and age.  Jodell is also  a committed  activist against fat  shaming and discrimination and I am so proud to  know and work with her.

Fashion Flash beauty IconFashion Flash Beauty Icons

This week I got an invitation from HSN  to join their “Skinspiration” discussion that explored the beauty icons that ifluenced me.  I have so many that it  is  hard to pick just one. I love the style and highlights of Jennifer Aniston’s hair.  I admire  her casual All-American style during the day and  her ability to make a 360 degree turn  to switch  on serious  glamour on the Red Carpet. I admire Madonna  for her committment to exercise, sunscreen and a plant based diet. Unlike so  many pop icons,  I respect  her refusal to  damage her health and beauty with drugs  or alcohol.

Of course I love the  simple perfection of Audrey Hepburn   and Jackie Kennedy.  But I am also a huge  vintage fan and I  love the  style of the  movie goddesses in the Golden Age of Hollywood.  I  have my own collection of vintage clothes and I can dress like  an extra in a Joan Crawford movie from breakfast  through cocktails.

But in an era  of make-up and hair  where more  was  more, my favorite  beauty icon was Greta Garbo. The radiant simplicity of her skin and hair is as appropriate today and it was when she was the most famous  woman in the world. I also admire the style of the Duchess of Windsor, who, while  not a natural beauty, captured the heart of the King of England.  Through  a combination of style, charm and pure grit she became a lasting  icon that has endured for decades.

As it turned out both Greta Garbo and the Duchess of Windsor  both followed the same  health guru, the dashing  European nutritionist,  Dr Gayelord Hauser.  I discovered him  while I was  still in college and  he was  a huge influence for me to explore  health and beauty issues.  This week  I will write about his approach to nutrition and skin care  and share some of his most famous  home grown beauty recipes.



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