Skin Care Expert to the Stars

Skin care expert Gayelord HauserI first “met”  skin  and heath care expert Dr Gayelord Hauser  in a dusty junk shop where I picked up a copy of his 1951 best seller, Treasury of Secrets.  His clear  writing and positive attitude was addicting   and I  trolled old bookstores to find his other  out of print books.  ( This was before Amazon, way before).

Dashingly handsome, Dr Hauser was a European nutritionist who Hauser skin  care client the Duchess of Windsor promoted the idea of “living foods”– unprocessed  fruits, vegetables,  low fat dairy  and  even  meat.   He was certainly not the first natural health guru.  There have been self-styled  diet experts  who  recommended a wide range of  supplements, magic foods, and exercise programs  and equipment.  But Hauser was the first  who made the link between  a healthy diet and Hollywood glamour. In an era where doctors recommended cigarettes for digestion and lard was as popular  as butter, Dr Hauser   had  an enthusuastic following that included Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly  and the Duchess of Windsor.  His 12  books and  popular lecture tours  made him the Dr  Oz of  his day.

Skin care client of Gayelord Hauser, Greta GarboHauser’s living food concepts were actually a giant anti-oxidant food delivery system.  His menus were packed with all the nutrients we now know reduce signs of aging– vitamin C, fiber, and protein and avoided   well known toxin, like alcohol, salt  and  animal fat.   Hauser also promoted the spa approach to heath and beauty.   While  juice fasts  and healing baths  had  long been available to the rich and famous, Hauser’s Beauty Farm concept was a virtual spa trip that any woman  could enjoy  in their own home.

The Hauser Diet  and Skin Care in Real Life

I  was  still living at home when I became  a Gayelord Groupie. My parents were not  impressed.  My Dad liked  to  spread his steak with butter before grilling  and a pickle was his favorite green vegetable.   Lightly  cooked shredded carrots and  hamburgers fortified with wheat germ frankly scared  him. It was  much easier to follow   the Hauser skin care  approach to skin care.  I brought my youthful acne under control with  herbal  steam sessions and  nightly application  of calamine lotion  fortified with phenol.

I used his  milk and otmeal bath to soothe a Jones Beach sunburn and a cosmetic vinegar concoction for oily hair.  While I was banned from cooking Hauser style family meals,  I could still whip up  Hauser beauty smoothies for myself.  Instead of a butter drenched  bagel  my breakfast  was  now a ‘school girl complexion’ smoothie with  yogurt, and honey  or a ‘crowning glory’  made with  skim milk, gelatin  and honey.  But my all time favorite Hauser recipe  was for a homemade fragrance  called Budapest Waters.

Ageless Skin Care with Budapest Waters

The legend is pure fun.  As the story goes,  Queen Elizabeth of Hungry used this essence every night and at age 86  she was still so beautiful  her passionate  lovers  were still   in their twenties.

Budapest Waters ( From Mirror, Mirror On the Wall  by Gaylord Hauser)

Ingredients:  2 oz dried rosemary, 1 oz fresh lemon peel,1oz fresh orange peel, 1 oz dried mint leaves, 1 oz dried lemon balm, 1 pint rose water, 1 pint alcohol ( not rubbing alcohol)

Directions: Put all ingredients in a gallon glass jar.  Let the mix  stand for three weeks.  Filter the fragrant mix through a strainer. You can use it as a cologne  or  add a  tablespoon to a bath.


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