Peridot– The Birthstone of August

PeridotGreen and crystelline, peridot is reputed to protect wearers against nightmares, and bring both  power and  influence  All good news, but peridot is also fabulous for its glorious yet affordable  glorious color.  Peridot ranges from pale green to deep olive and was often used in crowns as faux emeralds.   At $35/carat it delievers  the green of  uber precious emeralds for a fraction of the price (  FYI one carat of Columbian emeralds clock in at $700).

Most  peridot comes from Arizona, but there are also  good  supplies  from China and Pakistan.   It is also one of those rare jewels( like pearls) that is flattering for practically any skin, eye and hair combinations.  While  it is used  in  bracelets and pins, it really comes into its own in a pair of earrings.  if you don’t know what to get  your BFF for her birthday, a pair of pearl and peridot earrings  will always be something that goes with her  coloring.

I  love to  wear a pair of peridot earrings to crank up the impact of a little black dress  or suit.  In summer  a peridot drop earring take a  bone linen  dress or blouse to a  whole new level.  When I add my  little  peridot drop earrings to a white linen shirt and pants, I feel like  I am ready for  a great summer evening. This  year, Fashionistas are pushing green as the  new ‘It” color. Green  in  general is not  my best color for clothing , but   a green peridot  bracelet or pair of earrings allows me to fly my Fashionista  flag in a  way that works for  me.


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