No-Nonsense Fashion– The Feet of Fashion Week

Shoes of Fashion WeekLast  year I was so  astonished at the fantastical towering stilettos at Fashion Week, I barely  paid attention to the clothes.  No only did the heels routinely soar to 5-6 inches, they were studded, sequined, feathered or a combination  of all three.  I knew that I could  not even stand up in these shoes  much less walk around Lincoln Center.

Feet, just  like the rest of the body,  changes as the years goes by.  After  age 50 we lose fat pads on the sole, joints swell and lose flexability. To bottom line it,  younger  feet can  frolic in stilettos, but  women of a certain age need  to  go with a sturdier design and lower heels.   For me and  my BFF’s, there was  an age gap in footwear  and  it made  us  feel less  fabulous.

Fashion Week shoes-- BootiesA Footwear Revolution at Fashion Week

What a difference a year  makes. Instead of studded, cut-out  skinny heels, women at Fashion Week now walked easily in a wide range of shoes for real life feet.  Booties were everywhere, closely followed by  colorful sneakers,  combat boots, slip on sneakers,  wedges, platforms and even flats. There were a few holdovers in skinny six inch heels, but they looked out of place– so last year.  This time at Fashion Week there was no age gap  in shoes. Very nice.FASHION WEEK SHOES- COMBAT  BOOTS

What Causes a Fashion Sea Change?

Why the shift in shoes?  I wondered if  it was the early sprouting of painful  old age bunions on twenty something feet after  a year of cruel shoes.  But what if it was something  deeper.  As a history buff  I love to explore the back story of significant events.  I have always felt that  true history is not found in dry  textbooks, but is revealed in the way  people lived. Genuine  history  is not  a matter of dates and battles but  is seen in   what people  read,  their style of  furniture, what they ate and even what they wore.fASHION wEEK  COLORFUL SNEAKERS

Fashion Week  Shoes- FlatsToday  is Sept 11 and  it is  hard to ignore that we live in a dangerous world.   From militarized police in  Missouri to the kidnapping of  hundreds of women to the  video of the beheading of two American journalists, perhaps this is not the right time  to wear fanciful, fragile  shoes.    I wonder if fashion is reflecting our need  for strength and stability and it  is  starting with footwear.




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  1. Interesting theory you may well be right. They say the same philosophy applies to skirt lengths and financial markets. I for one am embracing the flat/trainer look but then I have not worn very high heels for many years except for special occasions. Try going down the London subway in vertiginous heels!

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