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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  This  all beauty site is an extraordinary resource for the best of the best in every beauty category.  I always check out this site for new  products you won’t see anywhere else. She even has has a  button for free samples!

Fashion FLash Book Review: Brunette AmbitionFashion Flash Book Review:  Brunette Ambition by Lea Michele

I’m usually not a big fan of celebrity lifestyle books.  Its hard to read a  book by a tall, blonde glamazon offering style tips that only work if you have 4% body fat.  Usually  they credit their flawless complexion to good genes and  gallons of water.  The secret  to  perfect body?  A combination of  a brutal exercise routinue  and a claim  that  they  can  eat anything and never gain weight. Seriously.

I  aproached Brunette Ambition cautiously.  I’m a  major Glee fan and  I love the mix of real life dynamics,  great  music and insanely talented  performers.   I really didn’t want to read  another self-serving book  that capitalized on  fame. Not to worry.  Brunette Ambition is an honest, genuinely helpful and beautifully produced book.

Lea Michele is not your standard star.  She is a petite, dark haired beauty with natural  features.   Despite astonishing talent, she is open about her vulnerabilities, her career and the hard  work that  is behind her appearance. For example she describes  her disciplined  low carb, nutrition packed  meal plan  and her daily  yet realistic  exercise program.  Her real time fashion advice is rare and valuable information for petite frames.

At 25, she  has a maturity way beyond her years.  She clearly wanted a book to be a genuine reflection of her core beliefs and values.  She has set very high standards for herself and she follows through in all areas of her life. For example  her menus and  recipes are easy, affordable and delicious.  I am  trying to eat  more protein-packed beans and her recipe for lentil burgers  topped with  avocodo and  lentil soup topped with  melted cheese  are so good I’ve added them to my regular menu rotation.

My favorite part is probably the extensive and unique hair and  make-up section.  Rather than random, generalized advice or  blatant pitch for  products, Brunette Ambition provides detailed instruction for five different looks.   From a date night  to a business meeting to red carpet glamour, she provides easy to follow instructions.  On behalf of all dark eyed, dark haired women, I have to say  thanks!  This book is a keeper.


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