September is National Ovarian Cancer Month

Skin Care  during Cancer TreatmentSeptember is National Ovarian Cancer Month– a disease that affects 22,000  women annually  in the US. At No-Nonsense Beauty Blog we get frequent skin care questions from women with  different types of cancers on  dealing with skin problems with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. .

Life  saving chemotherapy  can  dehydrate the skin because  this category of medication shuts down  both oil and sweat gland activity.  This sudden and severe loss of moisture  produces intense dry areas, itching,redness, sensitivity and inflammation.  Nails   are also  hit hard with destruction of the cuticle and even the loss of the nail itself.  Radiation can be equally damaging. The intense heat can produce a painful sunburn, peeling and blistering.  Both chemo and rdiation can leave the skin especially vulnerable to infection.

When Cancer Becomes Personal

In the past  few years, four close friends have been dealing with advanced cancer.  I saw first hand the impact of treatment on their skin, but  did not  know  how to help.   Flowers, spy novels and tubs of Haagan Daz   just went only so far to show that I cared.   When I discovered Skin in Treatment  line of  products, I finally  had something valuable to offer my friends.

Introducing Skin in Treatment

Merilyn Konnerth had no risk of breast cancer, nor did she have a family history, but at  age  52 she was shocked to hear a diagnosis of breast cancer.  Within a week, she was dealing with the side effects of  multiple surgeries and chemotherapy. When  she could not find  products to relieve the discomfort, she joined forces with her Dad who is a pharmacist.  Together they developed  cleansers and  moisturizers that  dealt with the dryness that did not contain  ingredients  which  might add to the  problems.

Her products have a rare integrity. Rather than just an empty marketing concept, Skin in Treatment was developed  at the fronlines of a cancer journey.  Because  the skin  becomes hyper sensitive, Skin in Treatment products do not include irritating  ingredients like  glycolic acid, alcohol, fragrances,  grapefruit extract, parabans, mint, salicylic acid, petroleum  by-products and phthalates.  It even excludes soy  which  may be a problem with estrogen based  cancers. In their place,  Skin in Treatment products are packed with natural oils like Argan oil, oat proteins, and shea butter.  Many contain murumuru oil   which has both hydrating and anti-microbial properties.

Martha Stewart and Skin in Treatment

Skin in Treatment is available  on Etsy and is now a finalist in the Martha Stewart Made in America Contest.  This  event  supports local artisans  and homemade products.   There are 25  categories that include textiles, paper crafts, toys,baked  goods and condiments.  Merilyn is a finalist  in the beauty category  and  you can  vote for her  to support  this unique and  very needed line of skin care.


4 thoughts on “September is National Ovarian Cancer Month

  1. I come from a family riddled with OC and saw first hand the horrible side effects of various treatments. This would be a lovely gift for someone experiencing the blistering and inflammation that accompanies the fight to survive!

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I thought when I came across these products. It feels wonderful to actually make a differnce to a friend or family member dealing with cancer treatment.

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