A New Tool to Fight Acne

Acne Acne– it affects more than 90% men and women, but there is   small comfort in numbers when you wake up with new  bright red bump on your face.  And while  acne affects so  many of us, we seem to  react  differently to standard acne plans.   Because  what works  for  you  may not work for  me, I  was so  happy to learn of  an effective  new tool in our anti-acne arsenal.

IlluMask is a light therapy  mask that is backed up with solid science.  The face shaped mask is studded  with mostly blue  LED lights. FDA approved, it targets acne in two ways:

1. It reduces the production of inflammtory  chemicals called porphorins. At its core, acne  is an inflammatory process and any way we can reduce inflammation will interfere with the appearance of new pimples.

2. It kills the acne causing  bacteria.  Certain bacteria in the pores are very irritating and trigger  oil production and a  flood of  inflammatory chemicls

IlluMask for Different types of Acne

acne before IlluMaskFor mild acne, the mask  can be used alone without the need  for additional medication. According to cosmetic surgeon  Dr  Z Paul Lorenc who has studied the device, the skin is simply washed with a  mild cleanser like Cetaphil  and used for 15 minutes a night for 30 days. Studies  report  a decline of 75-100 percent of lesions.acne after treatment For moderate to severe acne it can be used in addition to  an established routine that includes Retin A, salicylic acid and antibiotics.  IlluMask can also be very helpful for acne during pregnancy.  Many  effective  acne  care ingredients incuding Retin A, salicylic acid, and antibiotics  are not safe   for the  unborn baby.  Chemical-free  blue  light can  help you clear  up  the skin  during those critical nine months without any risk of birth defects.

Blue light acne therapy  has been around for several years. It is available from a dermatologist, but are very expensive and rarely covered by insurance.   Other blue light home devices have a very small treatment area. You will need to hold it in different areas for 5-10 miutes and move it around your face.  Not easy. IlluMask covers the entire face and a nightly treatment is  just 15 minutes.   And I saved the best part for last– Its  just $29.95, lasts for 30 days and is available at Wal-Mart, Ulta and  Target and online from Amazon.

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