The New No-Nonsense Beauty Tool Kit

Beauty Tool KitIts been two years since I published my first Beauty Tool Kit on No-Nonsense Beauty Blog.   Over time, both my skin and the products  have certainly changed.   As a beauty  junkie, I have to admit it was challenging to pick my  must-haves for a curated collection of skin care  tools, rather  than a large  plastic tub of interesting but not essential  cleansers, moisturizers  and  masks.

This  tool kit of 25 products   meet the needs  of my skin profile — over age 50, sensitive and slightly oily.  I look  first for the least expensive but high quality formulations.  My skin care needs also vary  by season as well as ongoing treatments.  For example, if  I treat my skin to a peel, I will use my mildest cleanser  and an effective moisturizer.  In the  summer, my skin needs a stronger cleanser and I reach for a cleanser fortified with salicylic acid.

Applying a daily sunscreen is now as  much part of  my daily routinue as brushing my teet and combing my  hair. Unprotected  sun exposure increases skin cancer risks as well as wrinkles.  But to be honest, my immediate concern is freckles which were cute in my twenties but now  just make my skin look old and muddy.

No-Nonsense Mix of Prescription and Over the Counter  Products

If  I am going to  shell out  serious money for skin care, I want to have extensive reseach behind the claims.  When I  pay  for Retin A Micro or Renova I know that these formulas deliver as promised. I balance  these costs with effective, affordable cleansers and  moisturizers that clock in  at $10 for a 2 month supply.

No-Nonsense Skin Polishers– The Essential Extras

If sun screens are the most important skin care tool, then skin polishers and peels are  my favorite.  Sunscreens  take  care of the long  run, but  skin polishers satisfy my need for immediate gratification with instant results.  I’ve listed  my favorites including a new type of mask that  works for all skin types.

If you try out  any of the products I my tool kit, I would love to hear how they  worked for you.

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