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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is my go-to expert  for  all things make-up  and fragrance.  She has a unique ability to drill down into the  details of a product to help me find exactly what I need.  For example if  I need a eye liner, I automatically click on Prime Beauty  to find  profiles of different options  at a range of prices.  She does the  hard work so that I don’t waste my time  or  my money.  Subscribe to this site  so that you don’t miss  some of the best beauty advice on the web.

No-Nonsense Book Review:  SingleNo-Nonsense Book Review:  Single by Judy Ford

Last week I had lunch with a good friend who just celebrated the first year of a successful new business. But rather than enjoing  her well-deserved success, she was  weepy.  The cause of  her depression?  Now almost 40, she had not found Mr Right– or even Mr  Right-For-Now.  We’ve had  the same  sad conversation too  many times and I’ve run out of helpful/comforting advice.

When I discovered Single by psychotherapist Judy Ford, I found a source of  ideas and inspiration for my friend and  in fact   for women of all ages.  The author  is both a mental health professional  and a twice married  single  mom who has certainly walked the walk.   A widow at 29 and then divorced from a second  husband  who stole   both her heart and her money,  Ford  has written a book packed with lists, tips, case histories  and assignments for building a better single life.

A New Look at an Old Problem

The booked is packed with compassion and genuinely useful advice. I think  my favorite section deals with a singleton’s  idea of hell– Valentine’s day. Ms Ford  takes back the holiday from  fickle  men and makes it an opportunity to show friends and family how  much you care. My successful friend starts dreading Valentine’s  Day  in early January– not uncommon  according  to Ms Ford.  Single shows  how to take back the holiday from men and makes it an opportunity to show friends and family  that you care. She also sends out an annual Valentine’s Day letter to  practically everyone she  knows and bakes  Valentine’s Day  cookies to share with visitors and co-workers.  In her home, Ford puts out red candles and sets the table with  her best  china and linens.  Rather than waiting  for some guy to  being  over flowers and candy, Ford  has turned the holiday into a true expression of  love for  all those in her life.


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