Can Arctic Cloudberry Prevent Wrinkles?

arctic cloudberryArctic  Cloudberry is an especially hardy berry that grows in the bogs and forests  of Finland, Newfoundland, and Sweden. The harsh climate is challenging to any plant and scientists have found that those that do survive  have super high levels of antioxidants. Its really impressive that Arctic Cloudberry  has 2X the vitamin C  found in oranges.   Since  studies like NHANES have shown that people have  diets  high in natural vitamin C have less wrinkles, this is certainly  interesting  for an anti-aging ingredient.  But wait there’s more.  Arctic Cloudberry  also  has vitamin A, vitamin E, Omega 6, Omega 3, citric acid, and disease fighting polyphenols  like anthocyanins, quercetin  and ellagic acid.  Impressive!  Some researchers have reported  that Arctic Cloudberry can fight oxidative damage and strengthen  the skin.

Adding Arctic Cloudberry to Your Skin Care Routine

The antioxidant profile of arctic cloudberry has certainly   attracted skin care practioners.  Its looks great in theory, but the challenge is to get these health benefits into a skin care routinue. Fresh berries cannot be mixed into a commercial  cleanser or moisturizer, so  they need to be heavily processed.  Its well known that heat and alcohol damage antioxidants and its doubtful that the arctic  cloudberry  health benefits would remain in an extract.  Even if some  of them are still active,  there is the question of how  much are actually present in a product or even what concentration is  needed to be effective.

The  best way to get the antioxidant benefits of  arctic cloudberries is  to  mash up fresh berries  and add them to  a homemade treatment like an egg or oatmeal mask.  But fresh  arctic cloudberries  are  only available in their natural  environments ( eg Newfoundland or Finland). For the rest of the world the best source of these antioxidant-packed berries is in the form of  thick golden jams which are available on Amazon. ( Eat them on toast, rather than a  mask)   Fortuneatly the individual antioxidants like quercetin and ellegic acid are available  in  a wide range of products.  You can also find them in capsules in health food stores  and can add them to boost the value of inexpensive  skin care  products.

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